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    • Linking abusive supervision to employee engagement and exhaustion 

      Scheuer, Melinda L.; Burton, James P.; Barber, Larissa K.; Finkelstein, Lisa M.; Parker, Christopher P. (Organization Management Journal, 2016)
      This research extends the differentiated job demands-resource model by integrating the main propositions of the transactional theory of stress to examine how cognitive appraisal processes link employee perceptions of abusive ...
    • Supervisor workplace stress and abusive supervision: The buffering effect of exercise. 

      Burton, James P.; Hoobler, Jenny M.; Scheuer, Melinda L. (Journal of Business and Psychology, 2012)
      In a matched sample of 98 employed individuals and their direct supervisors, we examine how supervisor-rated stress is associated with employee-rated abusive supervision. In addition, we explore how supervisor exercise ...
    • Understanding internal, external, and relational attributions for abusive supervision. 

      Burton, James P.; Taylor, Shannon G.; Barber, Larissa K. (Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2014)
      Despite abundant research on the consequences of perceived abusive supervision, less is known about how employees develop perceptions of supervisory abuse. Across two studies, we integrate classic and recent theoretical ...