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    • An Analogue of Continued Fractions in Number Theory for Nevanlinna Theory 

      Ye, Zhuan (American Mathematical Society, 2004-06-25)
      We show an analogue of continued fractions in approximation to irrational numbers by rationals for Nevanlinna theory. The analogue is a sequence of points in the complex plane which approaches a given nite set of points ...
    • Structural Instability of Exponential Functions 

      Ye, Zhuan (American Mathematical Society, 1994-07)
      We first prove some equivalent statements on J-stability of families of critically finite entire functions. Then, with these in hand, a conjecture concerning stability of the family of exponential functions is affirmatively ...
    • Value Distribution of L-Functions with Rational Moving Targets 

      Cardwell, Matthew; Ye, Zhuan (SCIRP, 2013-10-01)
      We prove some value-distribution results for a class of L-functions with rational moving targets. The class contains Selberg class, as well as the Riemann-zeta function.