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    • Inequalities in Illinois Constitutional Equality 

      Parness, Jeffrey A.; Lee, Laura (2009)
      In 1970 four new equality provisions were added to the Illinois Constitution, including two explicit equal protection provisions and two explicit antidiscrimination provisions. Shortly thereafter, Elmer Gertz, the Chair ...
    • Monetary Recoveries for State Crime Victims 

      Parness, Jeffrey A.; Lee, Laura; Laube, Ed (2010)
      Crime victim recoveries are typically available in American states through three separate, but related, avenues: a criminal proceeding (with or without a formal charge); a related civil claim (including a pre-suit settlement); ...
    • Monetary Remedies for Victims During Illinois Criminal Cases 

      Parness, Jeffrey A.; Lee, Laura; Blouin, Karen (2009)
      The Illinois Crime Victim's Rights Amendment, added to the Illinois Constitution by the legislature and the voters in 1992, includes a 'right to restitution'. The amendment spurred some new legislation, now within the ...