Recent Submissions

  • How To 

    Kang, Christina M. 1994-- (Northern Illinois University, 2021-05)
    How To is a one-person exhibition of mixed media drawings and prints. The exhibited work is meant to convey my personal explorations and representations of my identity crisis as a Taiwanese-American woman in the forms of ...
  • Going Dutch 

    Valentine, Aimee J. (Northern Illinois University, 2021-04-30)
    Going Dutch is a narrative exploration of the boundaries of object/subject relationships through image, material, and form. Beds, body parts, containers, food, and domestic appliances appear in the work as symbols of ...
  • Disappear Here 

    Barnat, Larissa (Northern Illinois University, 2021)
    Through the disappearance, destruction of the environment, and personal loss, my paintings have a feeling of dread. Regarding the destruction of the environment, coral reefs play an essential role for local communities and ...
  • Out with the Boys - League Night 

    Gilchrist, Nathanial J,1991-- (Northern Illinois University, 2021-04-30)
  • Melancholia, Thesis and Documentation of One-Person Exhibition 

    Elsten, Andrew K., 1994-- (Northern Illinois University, 2021-05)
  • Rubberband Man Enters the Virtual Still Life 

    Norris, Ari O., 1995-- (Northern Illinois University, 2021-05-05)
  • Who Do You See? 

    Redmond, Angela A., 1987-- (Northern Illinois University, 2021)
  • When Did I Stop Being Invincible? 

    Fleming, Amy M., 1994-- (Northern Illinois University, 2021)
  • The Messy Truth of My Body 

    Nania, Ashley A.,1999. (Northern Illinois University, 2021)
    This photographic series focuses on the daily challenges women face such as the issue of sexual assault, society’s standards for women, and the messy truth of our bodies. When I share the story of my sexual assault, I am ...
  • Holding onto Reality 

    Rivera, Jacob B., 1997 (Northern Illinois University, 2021-04-26)
    A sense of familiarity and comfort can be found in many things we keep close to us. Being at home or with friends and family are examples of what we may consider sources of comfort. Although I am in a place of comfort, ...
  • There and You 

    Doty, Deanna (2021)
    A series of self-portraits through mundane objects and places that explore the concept of living in our ever changing contemporary world while creating formally interesting graphic images, keeping in mind how color and ...
  • Constructed Inhumanity 

    Bibler, Karl P., 2021-- (Northern Illinois University, 2021)
    This series is a long-term project documenting my own interaction with urban architecture. Distanced or completely separated from human scale, the physical connection with the setting is lost, allowing the work to represent ...
  • Home is Where the Lost Are 

    Allen, Michael A., 1987-- (Northern Illinois University, 2021)
    Surrounded by dwindling social interactions as a result of lockdowns and health considerations with COVID-19, I spent a significant portion of 2020 sitting, feeling lost in the place called home. As the world has moved ...
  • The Bigger Picture 

    Satkiewicz, M. Mickey, 1998 - (Northern Illinois University, 2021)
    The Bigger Picture series is inspired by the saying “when you are too focused on the finer details, you forget about the bigger picture,” which my grandma always said to me when I was growing up.  I tend to focus on details ...
  • ill_be_waiting_in_the_wings 

    Schreiber, Gretchen A., 1989 (2021-04-26)
  • Forbidden Fruit 

    Anders, Briana N, 1994 (Northern Illinois University, 2021)
    This series of photographs explores the relationships between color and sexual desire through elaborate scenes involving fruit, people, and objects grouped together according to color theory. This work focuses on common ...
  • Gutted: Stem to Stern 

    Bath, Zachary J, 1991-- (2020-05)
  • The Absence of Humanity 

    Ponce, Heriberto, 1975-- (Northern Illinois University, 2020-05-10)
  • Yamin Xu Master of Fine Art Thesis 

    Xu, Yamin (2020-05-07)
    Yamin is a graduate student at Northern Illinois University. Before emigrating from China to come to the United States and pursuing an MFA, he had an undergraduate degree in Art Design and a master's degree in ...
  • Different Views 

    Espejel, Manuel (Northern Illinois Univeristy, 2020-05-04)
    I got into fashion through an older cousin who showed me magazines and had his own boutique store. He was much older than me and had a positive demeanor which showed me how to do more in life. My cousin introduced me to ...

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