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    • Assessing the mass media's handling of religious and moral issues 

      Killam, Jim, 1963- (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      This report will examine criticism of the media from the political right and the religious right to determine, first, whether the criticisms are valid and, if they are, to suggest methods of improvement in covering religious ...
    • Don't Sign Anything and Other Advice for Volunteering Abroad 

      Gardner, Kyla (Northern Illinois University, 2011)
      The process of writing my memoir began with brainstorming. I created mind maps - the webbed charts of bubbles of related ideas - furiously, trying to get as much from my experience down on paper, as many ideas and memories ...
    • Higher education and media commitment to ethics 

      Nastali, Jeffrey T. (Northern Illinois University, 1987)
      To some people, the term “media ethics” represents much the same thing as the term “military intelligence” – a common phrase that contradicts itself. While this might well be an overstatement of the problem, there is ...
    • Information sources new NIU students find useful 

      Lear, Sherry Anne (Northern Illinois University, 1986)
      By surveying freshmen and new transfer students, I intend to discover what sources of information new NIU students find most useful. My follow-up interviews are an attempt to discover why students answered as they did and ...
    • Public relations in Chicago and Seville : a cross-culture comparison 

      Fuerst, Steve
      Having had the opportunity to spend a semester’s study in Spain, I chose to compare and contrast public relations in the cities of Seville and Chicago. The field is far less advanced in Spain, and particularly in Andalucia, ...
    • Reasonable or innocent : the innocent construction rule in Illinois 

      Hamilton, Liz (Northern Illinois University, 1984)
      An examination of the legal concept of "innocent construction" in the state of Illinois.
    • State and local campaign management : the education and the profession 

      LeCropane, Lynn M. (Northern Illinois University, 1987)
      This study included three goals aimed toward examining state and local campaign management: participation in a campaign; research campaign management issues, ass existing programs available for the campaign manager. ...
    • Study of the journalistic techniques used by The Northern Star and recommendations for improvement 

      Henfling, Deborah (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      A survey of sources for the Northern Star, regarding the accuracy of the reporting, analysis of the results, and discussion for improvement.
    • Surviving COVID-19: Journalism's role in chronicling the mental health effects on high school students 

      Malone, Samantha A. (Northern Illinois University, 2020-05-02)
      During the unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, students across the world are facing mental health impacts. This project aims to explore the challenges specifically of high school students during this time through ...
    • Television news assignment editors 

      Lande, Renee (Northern Illinois University, 1986)
      Every type of structured news organization must have certain people responsible for determining what events merit coverage. In broadcast news, assignment editors play this role of evaluating the newsworthiness of stories. ...
    • The unending battle : disposables fight for market share 

      Bush, Mary E. (Student of journalism) (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      This paper will analyze the marketing efforts of two giant companies in the disposable diaper market. It is my intention to provide the reader of this paper with a background of these two companies, their marketing strategies, ...