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    • The Dynamics of Mergers of Equals in the Banking Industry 

      Goodman, Kimberly (Northern Illinois University, 2001)
      Merger activity had dramatically increased in the banking industry during the 1990s. In the last few years, many of these mergers have been announced as a "merger of equals." However, many studies have suggested that mergers ...
    • The Effect of ESOPs in Banking 

      Garcia, Maria T. (Northern Illinois University, 1989)
      My thesis focuses on the agency theory, but more specifically on the effect of employee ownership in banking. The agency theory states that top management is less willing to take large risks if they own stock in the company. ...
    • Logstics in the banking industry 

      Nannini, Robert A. (Northern Illinois University, 1993)
      Logistics in the banking industry is generally an overlooked entity, which causes its effects not to be maximized. Bankers and customers usually take banking logistics for granted and do not realize the power of its ...