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    • Film in France Final Narrative for USOAR 

      Welch, Samantha (2019-12-17)
      Samantha Welch's Final Narrative Report for her Film in France project.
    • USOAR Final Reflection- Film in France 

      Kahan, Elizabeth A., 1995- (2019-12)
      The art of theatre and specifically acting has been around since the Greeks. The tradition of orally passing down stories is not new, but technology advancements through the ages have given us the ability to record these ...
    • USOAR Reflection and Final Report 

      Arizpe, Alyssa G, 1996-- (Northern Illinois University, 2019-01)
      Through the centuries, communities have maintained contact, recorded history, and learned from past mistakes through storytelling. This timeless, oral tradition first burst to life in Ancient Greece. While literature and ...