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    • The economic effects of the negative income tax proposal 

      Andersen, Roy (Northern Illinois University, 1967)
      With the advent of recent "anti-poverty" legislation various plans and philosophies have been expressed as to the efficacy of possible measures to alleviate or eliminate poverty. The theme of this thesis concerns one such ...
    • An investigation of deficit finance and the burden controversy 

      Bostrom, William A. (Northern Illinois University, 1966)
      Within the past decade an issue had arisen which is centered upon the utilization of deficit finance for public expenditures. The disagreeing factions responsible for creating this controversy are those adherents to the ...
    • The Robinson-Patman anti-price discrimination act : an economic appraisal 

      Batte, William B. (Northern Illinois University, 1967)
      At the time of the 1936 Congressional debates leading to the passage of the Robinson-Patman Act, the bill's proponents charged that there was a conspiracy to monopolize retail distribution by way of the chainstore system. ...