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  • Rate My Car (Website) 

    Chapman, Nick M., 1997-- (Northern Illinois University, 2018-10-13)
    In a day and age where social media is thriving, and more prominent than ever, it is quite surprising that there is no social website dedicated strictly for car enthusiast. A place where you can be surrounded by like minding ...
  • Mathematical programming and Magic: The Gathering® 

    Esche, Alexander (Northern Illinois University, 2018)
    In this paper mathematical programming techniques were used to determine the optimal strategy for playing Magic: The Gathering®. Games with the cards Lightning Bolt, Mountain, and Vexing Devil were evaluated using the ...
  • Documentation of the one-person show of paintings 

    Nelson, John C. (Student of art) (Northern Illinois University, 1981)
    The following work is presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Arts degree at Northern Illinois University. The work was produced between January 1981 and April 1981. It was presented in an ...
  • The visual equivalency of the Word Intelligibility by Picture Identification Test 

    Nicholson, Nancy K. (Northern Illinois University, 1981)
    The Word Intelligibility by Picture Identification Test (WIPI), developed by Ross and Lerman (1970), is widely used to test the speech understanding ability of children. It was designed for administration not only in the ...
  • Personality differences in interpersonal attraction 

    Mueller, Jonathan Frederick (Northern Illinois University, 1981)
    The present research was conducted to test motivational/reinforce- ment explanations (e.g., Byrne & Clore, 1967; Festinger, 1954; Nelson, 1966) of the positive relationship between attitude similarity and interpersonal ...

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