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  • SEF Final Refection: German Study Abroad Trip 

    Woodward, Hunter R, 2000-- (2019-08-09)
    This reflection shows the impact that the SEF had on my academic career. The content focuses on my overall learning experience and how I am going to be able to use the knowledge gained in the real world. The reflection ...
  • Student Engagement Fund - Equine Research Project 

    Kerfoot, Heather L., 1974-- (2019-08)
    The purpose of the Equine Research Project was to discern if equine therapy decreases anxiety levels of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) using wearable biosensor technology and direct observation. The Equine ...
  • A Time to Remember 

    Zhu, Hui W., 2000-- (2019-08-09)
  • Student Engagement Fund 2019 

    LaGioia, Giana G., 1998-- (2019-08-09)
    This essay is a reflection of my experience apart of the student engagement fund. I worked alongside Dr. Walter during the summer to complete her research. I plan to continue working on this project through Fall 2019. This ...
  • Final Report - Impacts of invasive mice on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge 

    Rosenberger, Kaylee J. (Northern Illinois University, 2019-08-09)
    This essay describes my experience in participating in a faculty-mentored research project this summer (2019). I briefly give an overview of the project itself, then elaborate on how the experience affected my academics ...

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