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  • Exploring the impact of the pandemic on reference and research services: A literature review 

    Droog, Alissa A.; Osorio, Nestor L. (Taylor & Francis, 2021-10-07)
    This literature review explores the impact of COVID-19 on reference and research services in academic libraries. The first half of the review identifies changes and initiatives during the previous ten years using meaningful ...
  • Sycamore Economic Development Playbook 

    Evans, Mim; Blanke, Andy (Northern Illinois University Center for Government Studies, 2021-08-26)
    This report was prepared in conjunction with the City of Sycamore 2021 Comprehensive Plan Update: Information gathered during the comprehensive planning process along with input ...
  • City of Sycamore 2021 Comprehensive Plan Update 

    Evans, Mim; Vanadilok, Todd; Egret & Ox Planning, LLC; Blanke, Andy (City of Sycamore, 2021)
    The City of Sycamore Comprehensive Plan Update 2020 was completed in conjunction with the Economic Development Playbook. ( Coordinating preparation of these two documents ...
  • Diet and nutrition of adult Spalangia cameroni (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), a parasitoid of filth flies 

    Taylor, Elizabeth H.; King, Bethia H.; Burgess, Edwin R. IV (2021)
    Most parasitoid wasps parasitize herbivorous insects, so nectar from flowers is readily available. However, parasitoid wasps are also an important component of the rich invertebrate communities at livestock facilities in ...
  • How mathematicians assign homework problems in abstract algebra courses 

    Rupnow, Rachel L., 1990--; Hegg, Meredith; Fukawa-Connelly, Tim; Johnson, Estrella; Weber, Keith (2021)
    While many aspects of the teaching and learning of advanced mathematics have been explored, the role, construction, and values of homework have been virtually ignored. This report draws on task-based interviews with six ...

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