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  • The Effects of COVID-19 on Pregnancy 

    Cerda, Madison R., 1997-- (Northern Illinois University, 2020-11-18)
    On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic of a new strain of SARS-CoV-2, now officially named COVID-19. As a future nurse in labor and delivery I decided to focus on how coronavirus affects ...
  • If Wishes Were Horses: Reflections Without Footnotes on Legal Education 

    Fasan, Irving E. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1988-11)
    This Commentary suggests a solution to the problems with legal education which the author identifies. The author promotes patterning legal education on either the teaching method employed in the field of accounting or ...
  • Live Free or Die: Perceptions About Law Students 

    Fasan, Irving E. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1988-11)
    This Commentary explores the differences in medical and legal education to highlight some of the problems with the current legal teaching method. Specifically, this Commentary examines how and why the systematic training ...
  • Student Vandalism and Public Schools: The Scope of the Illinois Educators' Directive to Discipline 

    Shawler, Donald (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1988-11)
    Following a brief review of the costs that student vandalism imposes upon society, and the history of discipline in public education, this Article turns to a discussion of the part due process considerations must play in ...
  • The Sale-of-Control Premium-Bribe: Recoupment in Advance: A Case Study 

    Bayne, David Cowan (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1988-11)
    The illegal sale of corporate control has continued unabated over the decades. As early as 1969 Father Bayne uncovered an esoteric variant on the bald bribery into corporate control. This would be controleur, instead of ...

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