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    • Effect of pH on the near-UV absorption properties of cytochrome oxidase 

      Li, Chien-wei (Northern Illinois University, 1990)
      The effect of pH on the near-uv absorption spectrum of cytochrome oxidase has been examined. Several lines of evidence are consistent with a proton binding site that can modulate the optical properties of cytochrome a^. ...
    • Isotope shifts in the absorption spectrum of SeO₂ vapor near the origin 

      Chen, Linus T. (Northern Illinois University, 1974)
      The absorption spectra of gaseous selenium dioxide Se⁸⁰O₂¹⁶ and Se⁸⁰O₂¹⁸ are studied. These spectra range in absorption system B from 32100 cm⁻¹ to 36400 cm⁻¹. Band heads are listed for both Se⁸⁰O₂¹⁶ and Se⁸⁰O₂¹⁸. The ...
    • pH effect on the Soret absorption band of resting cytochrome c oxidase 

      Walter, Scott Allen (Northern Illinois University, 1990)
      The pH dependance of the near-uv absorption band of oxidized (Fe⁺³) cytochrome c oxidase has been investigated. Decreasing the pH of an oxidase sample from 8.9 to 6.5 caused a progressive blue shift from 422-424 nm to ...