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    • Novel uncharged local anesthetics 

      Hussain, Rob (Northern Illinois University, 2014)
      Bupivacaine is among the most widely used local anesthetics (LAs) for invasive procedures and postoperative pain relief because of its long duration of action and considerable potency. Bupivacaine carries a risk for ...
    • Predictions of anesthetic potency for aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents 

      Larsen, John J. (Northern Illinois University, 1993)
      Aliphatic solvents were tested for their ability to block action potentials (A.P.'s), and penetrate and fluidize membranes, to determine the mechanism of general anesthesia and the toxicity of solvents. Ten solvents were ...
    • Purification of protein toxins from Leiurus Quinquestriatus Hebraeus that modify Na channels 

      Borneman, James (Northern Illinois University, 1990)
      Toxins were purified from crude venom obtained from Middle Eastern scorpions, Leiurus cruinouestriatus hebraeus (Lqh). Active fractions were purified using cationic exchange chromatography, and tested for their ability to ...