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    • A comparative study of cumulative Sum charts and Bayesian process control 

      Jasmani, Zahari (Northern Illinois University, 1992)
      This study compares Cumulative Sum charts and Bayesian process control based on statistical quantities and minimal expected cost. The production process model and the procedure for the design of the two models is examined. ...
    • Comparison of powers for Wilcoxon and empirical characteristic function based symmetry tests 

      Gutowski, Kathleen A. (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      Much research has been done recently on the application of the empirical characteristic function to various inference problems. In this thesis, new estimation and hypothesis testing procedures which are based on the empirical ...
    • Using sample validation in auditing 

      Ochigbo, A. (Northern Illinois University, 2014)
      A state government agency wants to determine if a sample verification procedure, used in auditing accounts to detect fraudulent charges, reduces the error of estimating the unknown mean amount of fraud per transaction. The ...