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    • For Those Not John Edwards: More and Better Paternity Acknowledgments at Birth 

      Parness, Jeffrey A.; Townsend, Zachary (2010)
      When former U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards (finally) declared his paternity of Quinn, born of sex to Rielle Hunter, many assumed he could then begin to raise as well as financially support the child ...
    • International Child Relocations from U.S. States 

      Parness, Jeffrey A. (2017)
      Child caretaking in the United States today frequently is undertaken by adults who do not operate under court orders or private agreements. The adults may, but need not then be, legal parents. There are usually constraints ...
    • Nonparental Childcare and Child Contact Orders for Grandparents 

      Parness, Jeffrey A.; Yorko, Alexander (2017)
      The U.S. Supreme Court has long recognized that the regulation of certain areas of domestic relations, including standing to seek a childcare order, rests within the virtually exclusive province of the states. State lawmakers ...