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    • Policing Bias and Conflicts of Interest in Zoning Decisionmaking 

      Cordes, Mark W. (1989)
      This article will attempt a comprehensive review of the issues involved in policing bias and conflicts of interests in zoning decisionmaking. Part one will briefly discuss the nature of zoning decisionmaking and the value ...
    • Takings, Fairness, and Farmland Preservation 

      Cordes, Mark W. (1999)
      In a recent article published in this Journal, Professor Jesse Richardson attempted to refute the arguments proposed by myself and others that support the fairness of downzoning land without compensation to property owners. ...
    • Where to Pray? Religious Zoning and the First Amendment 

      Cordes, Mark W. (1987)
      Despite emerging recognition that the normal rules do not apply when zoning affects first amendment activities, the Supreme Court has not yet definitively addressed zoning restrictions that affect the exercise of religion. ...