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    • American State Constitutional Equalities 

      Parness, Jeffrey A. (2010)
      Many American state constitutions contain equality provisions. Some simply promote Equal Protection in ways comparable to the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the federal constitution. Others are worded quite differently, ...
    • Inequalities in Illinois Constitutional Equality 

      Parness, Jeffrey A.; Lee, Laura (2009)
      In 1970 four new equality provisions were added to the Illinois Constitution, including two explicit equal protection provisions and two explicit antidiscrimination provisions. Shortly thereafter, Elmer Gertz, the Chair ...
    • State Damage Caps and Separation of Powers 

      Parness, Jeffrey A. (2011)
      In 2010, the Illinois Supreme Court invalidated certain statutory caps on non-economic damages in medical cases because they “unduly” infringed “upon the inherent power of the judiciary.” Such judicial authority originated ...