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    • Automatic Elections 

      Oswalt, Michael M. (2014)
      The idea that the right mix of conditions will spark workers to engage in mass collective action is a theme sometimes invoked by labor movement writers, activists, and reformers. It is also an assumption found — and ...
    • The rhetorical function of laugh tracks in situation comedies: examining queer shame in Will & Grace and Roseanne 

      Manning, Jimmie (Relevant Rhetoric, 2015)
      I examine laugh track use in two highly popular television programs, Will & Grace and Roseanne, to consider how the construction of what is or is not supposed to be funny has rhetorical implications for queer identities ...
    • The Use of the Talmudic Format for the Presentation of Qualitative Work 

      Rodgers, Diane (Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction, 2009)
      In this article, I propose to adapt the Talmud, a Jewish religious text, for the written representation of qualitative research. The form and the style of argumentation in and engendered by the Talmud can be adapted to ...