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    • The Role of Education in Promoting Interfaith Cooperation 

      Castro, Loreta N. (Center for Peace Education, Miriam College, 2004-12)
      We live in a global village that brings people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds into contact. Indeed, plurality is our world context and is the context within many countries. In this paper, we shall focus on ...
    • Self-monitoring checklists: A tool for connecting training to practice 1Relias Institute, 

      Hughes, M. Courtney, 1976--; McCulloch, Emaley B., 1980--; Valdes, Elise G., 1988-- (Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, 2018-12)
      A limitation of training is the gap between the knowledge learned in training and the behavior put into practice. Skills checklists are helpful for reducing errors and increasing adherence to safety and may be one tool ...