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    • Multicellular Redox Regulation in an Early-Evolving Animal Treated with Glutathione 

      Doolen, Joseph; Geddes, Gabrielle; Blackstone, Neil W. (University of Chicago Press, 2007-05)
      Redox signaling has emerged as a unifying theme in many seemingly disparate disciplines. Such signaling has been widely studied in bacteria and eukaryotic organelles and is often mediated by reactive oxygen species (ROS). ...
    • Physiological Characterization of Stolon Regression in a Colonial Hydroid 

      Blackstone, Neil; Cherry Vogt, Kimberly S.; Geddes, Gabrielle; Bross, Lori (The Company of Biologists, 2008-03)
      As with many colonial animals, hydractiniid hydroids display a range of morphological variation. Sheet-like forms exhibit feeding polyps close together with short connecting stolons, whereas runner-like forms have more ...
    • Redox Signaling in Colonial Hydroids: Many Pathways for Peroxide 

      Blackstone, Neil W.; Bivins, Matthew J.; Cherry, Kimberly S.; Fletcher, Robert E.; Geddes, Gabrielle (The Company of Biologists, 2005-01)
      Studies of mitochondrial redox signaling predict that the colonial hydroids Eirene viridula and Podocoryna carnea should respond to manipulations of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Both species encrust surfaces with ...