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    • Cover's Rebalancing Option With Discrete Hindsight Optimization 

      Garivaltis, Alex (2019-03-03)
      We study T. Cover’s rebalancing option (Ordentlich and Cover 1998) under discrete hindsight optimization in continuous time. The payoff in question is equal to the final wealth that would have accrued to a $1 deposit into ...
    • Nash Bargaining Over Margin Loans to Kelly Gamblers 

      Garivaltis, Alex (Risks, 2019)
      I derive practical formulas for optimal arrangements between sophisticated stock market investors (namely, continuous-time Kelly gamblers or, more generally, CRRA investors) and the brokers who lend them cash for leveraged ...
    • Super-Replication of the Best Pairs Trade in Hindsight 

      Garivaltis, Alex (Cogent Economics and Finance, 2019-01-11)
      This paper derives a robust on-line equity trading algorithm that achieves the greatest possible percentage of the final wealth of the best pairs rebalancing rule in hindsight. A pairs rebalancing rule chooses some pair ...