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    • Race, Poverty, and Bail: An Annotated Bibliography 

      Nejdl, Clanitra Stewart (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2018-07)
      On June 9, 2017, Illinois's Bail Reform Act of 2017 was signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner. Among other important provisions, the Act creates a presumption that non-monetary release conditions will be granted for ...
    • A Rational Post-Booker Proposal for Reform of Federal Sentencing Enhancements for Prior Convictions 

      Mason, Caleb E.; Lesowitz, Scott M. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2011-04)
      In this article we propose a solution to one of the more vexing problems in current federal sentencing jurisprudence: classification of prior offenses for the purpose of applying sentencing enhancements in immigration ...
    • Ready to Re-Launch: Fixing the Pitch for the Social Enterprise 

      Sandoval, Shelley A. D. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2017-04)
      Corporate misfeasance places headlines of economic fraud and shareholder suits above the fold in today’s changing marketplace. Corporate response directly appealing to the socially charged agenda of the incoming Millennial ...
    • The Reality of Curtiss-Wright 

      Simones, Anthony (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1996-05)
      In the 1936 case of United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corporation, the Supreme Court upheld an arms embargo imposed by Franklin Roosevelt upon the warring factions in the Chaco conflict. Although Congress authorized ...
    • Rebuttal: The Individual or the Firm? Focusing the Threat of Criminal Liability 

      Coffee, John C., Jr. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1980-11)
      Professor Coffee responds to Mr. Crane's commentary and discusses the inherent problems of focusing criminal liability exclusively upon the individual.
    • Reconsidering the Amendatory Veto in Illinois 

      Van Der Silk, Jack R. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1988-07)
      This Article considers the controversy surrounding the governor's power of amendatory veto as provided in the 1970 Constitution, and whether this gives the governor too much power over pending legislation. The Article ...
    • Reconsidering the Gathering/Publication Dichotomy: Recording as Speech? What Next? 

      Helle, Steven (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2013-06)
      The First Amendment information-gathering right has always been inferior to the long-established right to speak and publish. As such, the danger has been that a court concerned, for example, with prejudicial publicity could ...
    • Reflections on the International Trade Organization 

      Diebold, William (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1994-05)
      The author discusses the reasons for the difference between the International Trade Organization ("ITO") and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade ("GATT"), the reasons for the ITO's failure, and reflects on international ...
    • Refusing to Follow Doctor's Orders: Texas Takes the First Step in Holding HMOs Liable for Bad Medical Decisions 

      Stoeckl, Amy (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1998-05)
      This comment examines health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and other managed care entities and the defenses used to escape liability in medical malpractice suits. Texas became the first State to pass legislation that ...
    • Religion / State: Where the Separation Lies 

      Samar, Vincent J. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2012-09)
      Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions regarding the scope of the Establishment Clause have failed to provide a clear framework for determining what government actions are prohibited. Part of the problem concerns what kinds ...
    • Religious Convictions and Political Choice, Kent Greenawalt 

      Volker, Todd D. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1988-11)
      This Book Review examines the most recent book by Professor Kent Greenawalt of Columbia University. The book itself, a discussion on the proper connection of religious beliefs to political decisions, is examined using the ...
    • Religious Tolerance and its Limits in Early America 

      Dargo, George (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1996-05)
      This article posits that religious toleration in early America was rooted in practical considerations amid the necessities of settlement. The British colonies in North America achieved an unparalleled degree of religious ...
    • Relocation Custody Disputes-A Binuclear Family-Centered Three-Stage Solution 

      Oliphant, Robert E. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2005-07)
      This article argues that the best method for courts to adopt during relocation custody disputes is a binuclear, family-centered process. A binuclear family is defined as a large, interconnected family, with one household ...
    • Repeal of Baseball's Longstanding Antitrust Exemption: Did Congress Strike Out Again? 

      Criswell, Charles Allen, Jr. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1999-12)
      In 1922, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that baseball was not interstate commerce and was thus not subject to the restrictions of antitrust laws. Since that time, numerous courts refused to hear cases attacking ...
    • Report and Recommendations 

      Consumer Bankruptcy Subcommittee of the Committee on Consumer Financial Services of the American Bar Association (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1982-05)
      The Subcommittee suggests that bankruptcy law can be made consistent with income-based consumer credit practices, stemming the-tide of bankruptcy losses.
    • Rescue the Americans With Disabilities Act from Restrictive Interpretations: Alcoholism as an Illustration 

      Johnson, Judith J. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2007-05)
      The article posits that judicial interpretations have virtually eliminated many impairments, such as alcoholism, from protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act, contrary to obvious Congressional intent. While ...
    • Researching the Jury’s Internet and Social Media Presence: The Ethical and Privacy Implications 

      Hart, Whitni (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2020-11)
      This Comment discusses the lack of guidelines regulating attorneys’ online research of potential and sitting jurors. Instantaneous online access to the personal lives of jurors provides attorneys with the opportunity to ...
    • Resistance Strategies in the Immigrant Justice Movement 

      Olivares, Mariela (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2018-11)
      Topics of immigration reform have created deep polarization. To some degree, these political and societal divisions regarding immigrants’ place and ability to remain in the United States drove the Republican successes in ...
    • Responding to Students' Pleas for Relief: The Need for a Consistent Approach to Peer Sexual Harassment Claims 

      Healy, Megan (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1997-07)
      The goal of this comment is to illustrate the need for courts to develop a uniform approach to remedying severe sexual harassment in the schools. The comment examines the recent split among the courts in their interpretation ...
    • Restoring Free Exercise Protections by Limiting Them: Preventing a Repeat of Smith 

      Donovan, James M. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1996-11)
      This article addresses the concerns involved with the recently enacted Religious Freedom Restoration Act and how this sets the stage for a revisiting of Employment Division, Department of Human Resources of Oregon v. Smith. ...