Recent Submissions

  • Video Magic 

    Griffith, Rebecca (Northern Illinois University, 2018)
    I excavate material from VHS cassettes discussing the human body, the human nervous system, nostalgia, and memory. My work examines the process of coping and caregiving for a parent’s illness from a young age to adulthood. ...
  • Iterations 

    Wojciaczyk, Kinga (Northern Illinois University, 2018)
    These works focus on the interconnectedness of the commonplace, the world, and the universe as a whole. Utilizing imagery originating in the natural world, photographic compositions are layered and blended through Photoshop ...
  • load - bearing 

    Sawka, Elyse (Northern Illinois University, 2018)
    This body of work explores the understanding of literal and metaphoric attachments to intimate spaces I once had access to; my interest lies in memory, identity, and place. This investigation began with photographic ...
  • Love and Justice 

    Peters, Hayley (Northern Illinois University, 2018)
    From an early age, children pretend and use imagination when playing with their toys and friends. They create their own stories with endless possibilities. When they grow up however, many of them lose that childlike spirit. ...
  • Fresh Out 

    Viola, Antoinette (Northern Illinois University, 2018)
    Fresh Out explores the infinite and indefinable world of femininity. Portraits, still lifes, and installation materials work together to investigate gender performance, power structures, and pleasure paradoxes. Within ...
  • Permanence 

    Bachman, Angela (Northern Illinois University, 2018)
    My body of work focuses on the simple aspects of inspiration and what naturally and organically has come into my life as positive motivation. This is directly associated with nature, as this has always served as a beautiful ...
  • Transmigration 

    O'Heron, Sarah M., 1994-- (Northern Illinois University, 2018-05-09)
    Transmigration is the spiritual concept said to be the migration of a soul into a new body. The natural and found items act as the soul elements of my work, which are transformed into new existences and made precious. As ...
  • Saturday's And Dreamsicles 

    Calvin, Jamiah J., 1981-- (NA, 2018-05-09)
  • Divinity Series 

    Calvin, Jamiah J., 1981-- (Northern Illinois University, 2018)
    My mission is to create works of art that will leave a perpetual impression on the psyche of the viewer. Each piece carries a message that challenges the persona of beauty, love, pain and the hidden stigmas of everyday ...
  • no one belongs here more than you 

    Silver, Tania Y.,1992-- (Northern Illinois University, 2018-05-09)
    Through collection, installation, and maintenance of discarded plant materials this body of work explores protection and care of the self.
  • Otherwise Uninteresting Things 

    Daugherty, Sheena R. (Northern Illinois University, 2017)
    These images were compiled throughout my daily life, capturing moments that drew my attention while I was doing otherwise uninteresting things. Because sometimes what surrounds us goes unrecognized. There is a failure ...
  • Queer Space 

    Shelton, Amy L., 1993-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017)
    Queer Space For this project, I photographed LGBTQIA+ young adults in their bedrooms and living spaces. My interest in these spaces stems from a desire to find places that feel like home. In my search, home does not ...
  • Neglected Interiors 

    Zalewski, Linda F., 1994-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017)
    The images in the series, Neglected Interiors, capture the remote interior spaces of abandoned industrial buildings. I focus on the aesthetic qualities of the room as there is wonder in the remnants and vacant structures. ...
  • Freshly Settled 

    Albano, Kathleen (Northern Illinois University, 2017)
    Our early 20's are full of fleeting moments. We roam in a strange, yet electric, in-­‐between stage of aging. I became conscious of this myself, when I married at the age of 21. Our days grew shorter, as a youthful routine ...
  • Accommodating Complexities 

    Zierer, Sean (Northern Illinois University, 2017)
    Function, flow, and space are the inspiration for this visual study of contemporary hotel architecture. I have been investigating how these hotels welcome their guests through the use of architecture and design. Styles ...
  • The Creatures come out to Play 

    Crocker, Megan (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05-10)
    Study on the real vs not real of imagination that captures the mind. To take something that seems so out of touch with reality and bring it to life in photographs.
  • Tattered Remains 

    Houlne, Katherine (Northern Illinois University, 2016)
    All life depends upon connections. As one uniting thread begins to unravel, all other threads become tattered and torn. Birds are a vital thread in the connections within an ecosystem. Birds are an indicator species and ...