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    • Investing in Accounting: A Call for Professional Involvement in Higher Education 

      Chang, Chun-Chia; Landis, Mark; Yu, Shaokun Carol (American Journal of Business Education, 2011)
      The current financial crisis has created serious repercussions for accounting education. Public universities have lost funding and initiated huge budget cuts. These drastic cutbacks have resulted in the losses of courses, ...
    • It's a Matter of Principle: The Role of Personal Values in Investment Decisions 

      Pasewark, William R; Riley, Mark E (Journal of Business Ethics, 2010-05)
      We investigate the role of personal values in an investment decision in a controlled experimental setting. Participants were asked to choose an investment in a bond issued by a tobacco company or a bond issued by a ...
    • An Overview of Investor Sentiment in Stock Market 

      Chang, Amy; Yu, Shaokun; Reinstein, Alan; Churyk, Natalie T. (Journal of Contemporary Business Issues, 2015-02)
      Investing decisions affect many individuals. Investment sentiment, a metric seeking to quantify the expectations of future returns, can cause counterintuitive individual actions. To help individuals with investment ...