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    • Negotiating Through A Huskie 

      Lopez, Edgar E. (Northern Illinois University, 2019-12-08)
      Everyone will negotiate at least once in their lifetime, and some people negotiate every day. The aim of Negotiating Through A Huskie is to compare effective negotiation techniques used in practice as well as theoretical ...
    • Networks and graphs 

      Tsao, Brenda K. (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      Graph theory is a part of mathematics that has many practical applications. The study of graph theory began in 1736 with Leonard Euler’s work on the Konigsberg bridge problem. Konigsberg was a city built on a river with ...
    • New American Theater patron survey 

      Haag, Lisa A. (Northern Illinois University, 1994)
      This Study seeks to gain insights into the attitudes and perceptions of current New American Theater Patrons. It also seeks to compile a profile of the best customer segment for New American Theater to target. This study ...
    • New for 1998: How Changes in the Tax Law Affect the Filing of Individual Income Tax Returns 

      Freeman, Alison (Northern Illinois University, 1998)
      The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 greatly affected the way individuals file their income tax returns. The purpose of this Act is to provide relief for individual taxpayers in the form of tax credits and deductions. By the ...
    • New Horizons Equestrian Center Business Plan 

      Mynarich, Nicole (Northern Illinois University, 2008)
      This thesis is a detailed business plan for a start-up equestrian center specializing in retraining Thoroughbred ex-racehorses. The purpose of the plan is to attract investors and obtain financing for the business. It also ...
    • The New Radicals: How Wage Labor, Physical Abuse and an Agrarian Crisis Shaped Women's Participation in the Zapatista Rebellion 

      Brady, Patrick E. (Northern Illinois University, 2016-12-01)
      My experiences in San Cristóbal de las Casas have been the primary motivation for my interest in female Zapatistas. Ever since I concluded my research project, I have had a question that has been largely unanswered by ...
    • New student welcome days : HC handbook 

      Ainger, Sharon J. (Northern Illinois University, 1987)
      A handbook for NIU residence hall coordinators.
    • News Representations of Black Men, Post Black Lives Matter 

      Isom, Alexandria D., 1995-- (Northern Illinois University, 2016-12-01)
      African-American men are overrepresented as threats or criminal suspects in society. Previous studies have found that African-American men are misrepresented in news coverage and depicted in a negative way. The Black Lives ...
    • The NFL salary cap : a tool necessary to maintain competitiveness? 

      Oliphant, Christopher (Northern Illinois University, 1998)
      How is it that certain teams, like the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers can dominate football year after year while some other teams, such as the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals, seem to stay at the ...
    • Nintendo BrainAge 2 : improving cognition in stroke survivors 

      Birkinbine, Sheila (Northern Illinois University, 2011)
      Purpose: My capstone project was part of a larger study being conducted by Dr. Jamie Mayer at Northern Illinois University. The purpose of this study was to determine if consistently playing an educational videogame could ...
    • Nintendo BrainAge2: Improving Cognition in Stroke Survivors 

      Birkinbine, Sheila (Northern Illinois University, 2011)
    • Nitrogen cycling in an agricultural watershed 

      Palmer, Donald H., Jr. (Northern Illinois University, 1995)
      The Vermilion River Watershed located in Livingston County in Central Illinois provides for study of nutrient cycling in an agricultural environment. The watershed is bounded by county boundaries which allows for calculation ...
    • Non-Invasive Lifestyle Modifications that Mitigate the Non-Modifiable Risks of Breast Cancer in Potential High Risk Patients 

      Rosinski, Angelica (Northern Illinois University, 2016-12-01)
      Breast cancer is most common invasive cancer occurring in US women. The standard treatment for breast cancer includes surgery, systemic therapy (e.g., chemotherapy, biotherapy, targeted therapy) and radiotherapy. The Healthy ...
    • A novel method for the detection and the quantification of RT-PCR products 

      Cancasci, Vince J. (Northern Illinois University, 1998)
      Until recently, the measurement of mRNA levels was very time consuming and required specific parameters. With the advent of RT-PCR, mRNA fragments could be amplified and easily detected and measured. The amount of mRNA ...
    • Novel role of nitric oxide in pancreatic signal transduction 

      Panozzo, Rhykka L. (Northern Illinois University, 2000)
      The exocrine pancreas’ function is to synthesize and secrete a battery of enzymes in response to secretagogues. Nitric oxide (NO) is a biological messenger in a variety of tissue types, eliciting an impressive variety of ...
    • The Nurse's Role in Promoting Activity in Older Adults 

      Luebke, Katlyn G., 1995-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05-04)
      The older adult population has a high rate of chronic disease, falls, and a decline in mental health (Nelson et al, 2007). In addition, the aging population utilizes the highest proportion of medical care than any other ...
    • Nurses’ Perceptions of Inmate Health Problems in Correctional Facilities: A Qualitative Study 

      Zubi, Katrina M, 1994-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017)
      An estimated forty percent of jail inmates suffer from chronic health problems. It is important to know what kinds of issues the corrections population faces most commonly. My project looks at the perceptions of nurses ...
    • Nursing Interventions that support Families affected by Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 

      Einck, Katelyn M. (Northern Illinois University, 2016)
      The incidence of diabetes mellitus in younger populations is a serious concern. According to the American Diabetes Association (2016), approximately 208,000 Americans 20 years old or younger have been diagnosed with diabetes. ...
    • Nursing Interventions to Support Initiation and Continuation of Breastfeeding for Low-Income Mothers within a Community Setting 

      Evins, Eleanor., 1995-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05-02)
      The purpose of this paper is to determine factors related to socioeconomic status that affect a mother’s ability to breastfeed and the role that nurses play in breastfeeding promotion within a community setting. Research ...
    • Nutrition facts 

      Kiel, Theresa Faye (Northern Illinois University, 2007)
      The purpose of my nutrition book is to provide a resource that can be used for measurements of serving sizes. It is a pictorial form of serving sizes that presents a variety of foods. The main content is mostly ...