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    • Fit to be tied : masculinity versus femininity in women's dress, social context, and perceptions of power in women 

      Talley, Melissa D. (Northern Illinois University, 2005)
      Previous studies have examined power associations with women’s business dress but little work has been directed toward the study of perceptions of power in conjunction with clothing for other social contexts. This study ...
    • Five week kindergarten thematic unit on dinosaurs 

      Luczak, Amber (Northern Illinois University, 1998)
    • Flow analysis and facility design 

      Brock, Joel; Mendoza, Claire; Mullick, Vinay (Northern Illinois University, 2000)
      Motorola's Radio Support Center (RSC) in Rockford, IL is planning to expand its current facility of 60,450 square feet to 120,900 square feet. A project team of three senior-level industrial engineering students has completed ...
    • Fluid Flow Analysis of a Compressible Gas Tubing Network 

      Springer, Adam N., 1994--. (Northern Illinois University, 2016)
      Researchers at Fermilab are currently setting up the Muon g-2 experiment. The experiment’s precision storage ring needs to have a constant flow of an argon- ethane mixture to function as intended. The goal of this design ...
    • Fluid flow within porous media 

      Fischer, Greg (Northern Illinois University, 1987)
      The objective of this project is to observe the flow of fluid within a saturated, rectangular, two-dimensional, porous media that is being heated from the side.
    • A focus on human resource management practices after the attacks on September 11th, 2001 

      Stauffer, Erin (Northern Illinois University, 2002)
      This thesis concerns Human Resource Management practices after the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001. It is divided into three main sections. The first section describes expert opinions on various topics. Those ...
    • Food Insecurity in Northern Illinois 

      Graham, Mary L., 1993-- (Northern Illinois University, 2016)
      The purpose of this Capstone is to review, analyze, and summarize food insecurity in Northern Illinois. Food insecurity is a problem that affects individuals of many demographics. Those affected by food insecurity span ...
    • For just pennies a day : Village of Mount Prospect 

      McCann, Jeanine (Northern Illinois University, 1986)
      My 23 minute program, "For Just Pennies A Day", is part of a new series entitled, "So, Your're Moving to Mount Prospect." My boss, Karen Giet, wanted to start this series as a promotional piece designed to inform residents ...
    • For people who like to smoke (a brief history of cigarette advertising) 

      Waller, Willard W. (Northern Illinois University, 1989)
      The advertising of cigarettes has been controversial subject for many years. The purpose of this report has been to provide a somewhat brief examination of cigarette advertising from it's origins to the present day, inclusive ...
    • The foraging behavior of Peromyscus leucopus in a tallgrass prairie 

      Joos, Cara Jane (Northern Illinois University, 1996)
      This experiment was conducted to discover what effect predation, food supplementation, microhabitat, season, and lunar light levels had on the foraging behavior of Peromyscus leucopus in a tall grass prairie. The research ...
    • Foreign Exchange Rates and Their Effect on International Trade 

      Schiemann, Vivian (Northern Illinois University, 1994)
      This Capstone project is to find out whether foreign exchange rates and CPI rates have an impact on international trade. The purpose is to discover if certain variables are correlated to trade balances. The countries of ...
    • Forensic Accounting & Litigation Consulting Services 

      Beazley, Nancy (Northern Illinois University, 1992)
      Until recently only a few people had ever heard of forensic accountants, let alone used their services. Tougher business competition, the increase in mergers, and losses due to fraud, employee theft and other corporate ...
    • Forensic Accounting in America: A Case Study 

      Carlson, Matthew (Northern Illinois University, 2000)
      As businesses continue to grow, they open themselves up to the possibility of fraud. During an average year, fraud can cost employers anywhere between $200 and $400 million dollars. A fraud can be extremely devastating to ...
    • Forensic Accounting: Turning CPAs Into Private Eyes 

      Ferraro, Gina (Northern Illinois University, 1998)
      Forensic accounting is the integration of accounting, auditing, and investigative skills. This discipline has gained immense popularity in recent years. In fact, this field is expanding so rapidly that the number of qualified ...
    • The formalization of a leadership workshop 

      Leguillon, Lorraine (Northern Illinois University, 1997)
      The seminar is intended to be an interesting and challenging leadership workshop for the undergraduate management majors of Northern Illinois University. Our goal is to better prepare the students for the real-life business ...
    • A fourth grade balanced literacy curriculum 

      Daly, Melissa (Northern Illinois University, 2003)
      Children come from all different socioeconomic backgrounds, past educational experiences, and levels of parental involvement. Each and every child will be at a unique literacy level with differences spanning in reading ...
    • Fractal geometry : mathematics and applications 

      Buckingham, Eileen (Northern Illinois University, 1988)
      The first section, entitled “Introduction and Applications,” is self-descriptive. The paper begins by introducing and defining the new terms “fractals” and “fractal geometry.” At the same time, Benoit B. Mandelbrot is ...
    • Fraud in the Retail Industry 

      Smidl, Kelly (Northern Illinois University, 2008)
      The retail industry has been around for many years and plays a big role in the economy. Fraud that affects the retail industry can also affect society and its economy. In addition, fraud can cost the retail industry on ...
    • Freecoaster redesign 

      Julkowski, Adam (Northern Illinois University, 2007)
      Typically, freecoasters are used in BMX street-riding applications. The freecoaster is a mechanism found in the rear hub of a bicycle which allows a bicycle to roll backwards without the bikes' pedals having to move along ...
    • Freecoaster redesign 

      Guethle, Marcus (Northern Illinois University, 2007)
      Typically, freecoasters are used in BMX street-riding applications. The freecoaster is a mechanism found in the rear hub of a bicycle which allows a bicycle to roll backwards without the bikes' pedals having to move along ...