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    • Fabric 

      Stamps, Taylor M. (Northern Illinois University, 2019-05-05)
      This book is a collection of original short stories titled Fabric. Each story features a character that has either been involved in, or heard of, incidents that sparked tension throughout the United States and shocked the ...
    • Factors Affecting Four-Year National University Retention 

      Varga, Franz L., 1994-- (Northern Illinois University, 2016)
      The retention rate for first year students at NIU has been falling (with exception in 2009) on a year over year basis since 2006 (Planning and Assessment, NIU). With the installment of a new president and the Bold Futures ...
    • Factors Impacting Internship Success: Integration of Skills and Competencies into the Accountancy Curriculum 

      Cosgrove, Paige E., 1997-- (Northern Illinois University, 2019-04-30)
      There are a wide range of competencies that factor into a successful career in accountancy. I researched and summarized the competencies that are identified by various constituencies as contributing to career success and ...
    • Factors influencing activity levels in Nasonia vitripennis 

      Grimm, Katherine (Northern Illinois University, 1997)
      The effects of mating status and competition for suitable hosts on the overall activity and flight behavior of Nasonia vitripennis were investigated by observing the wasps' activity in a terrarium setting. N . vitripennis ...
    • Factors That Make Outstanding Professors Successful 

      Yarger, Mary Lou H., 1998-- (Northern Illinois University, 2020-05-03)
      There is a need to find excellence in education, particularly in the demanding specialty of nursing education. The purpose of this study was to revisit and expand upon Rossetti’s previous work of Factors That Make Outstanding ...
    • Family literacy : breaking the cycle of illiteracy 

      Loquist, Katherin (Northern Illinois University, 1995)
      Illiteracy is a growing concern in the United States. It is passed from one generation to the next by family members who are unaware of their neglect or of their children's developmental needs. Family literacy programs ...
    • Family treatment: an alternative approach to speech and language therapy 

      Schmitz, Carolyn (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      Before the early 1970's, special education did not recognize the importance of parents in the education of handicapped children. In fact, they were seen more of a hindrance to the educational process rather than of a help. ...
    • FASB 87: Pension Plans : Why Firms Adpoted Early 

      Presperin, Paulette (Northern Illinois University, 1987)
    • The FASB's Project on Financial Instruments 

      Czerniewski, David E. (Northern Illinois University, 1991)
      The work contains analyses and evaluation of the FASB's Project on Financial Instruments. Emphasis is placed on the disclosure, as well as the recognition and measurement phases of the long term project. Each section of ...
    • The federal Equal Rights Amendment : projected effects based on interpretation of state ERAs 

      Dupasquier, Lillian (Northern Illinois University, 1986)
      Even a brief examination of the history of the United States, the “Home of the Free,” and the “Land of Opportunity,” reveals that, for any number of practical purposes, the United States has been the home of the free as ...
    • Feed'Em Soup Inventory System 

      Malaguti, Marina (Northern Illinois University, 2012)
      Feed’Em Soup ("FES") is a non-profit organization located in DeKalb, IL, whose mission is “To provide meals, offer encouragement and support and supply opportunities to those in need within our community.” Volunteer ...
    • Female role models on television 

      Cison, Laura A. (Northern Illinois University, 1987)
      Throughout the years, changes in the status of women have somewhat paralleled the way women have been portrayed on television. ... Women on television are now everything that any American woman could be.
    • Fiber optic hydrophone 

      Conner, Patrick D. (Northern Illinois University, 1993)
      Optical fiber technology has become one of the most important new developments in communications. Telecommunications and broadcast communications have become the most visible applications of fiber optics. The computer ...
    • The Fibonacci Sequence 

      Qureshi, Asna (Northern Illinois University, 2011)
      In number theory a very famous sequence of numbers is the Fibonacci sequence. It has the form 1, 1,2,3,5,8 ..., where each subsequent number in the sequence is formed by adding together the two previous numbers. The Fibonacci ...
    • Fifth grade curriculum units : text supplements/substitutes 

      Ortloff, Esther (Northern Illinois University, 1996)
      The focus of this project is to create units of instruction, of a whole language approach, for teaching Social Studies in the elementary classroom. These units are designed to be used in place of or along with traditional ...
    • Financial Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 109 

      Gray, William R. (Northern Illinois University, 1994)
      The main objective of this capstone project is to focus on one of the more significant issues contained in Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 109, which was effective for fiscal years beginning after December ...
    • The Financial Statement Auditor's Legal Liability for Negligence: The Roas to Compromise 

      Kodis, Cheryl M. (Northern Illinois University, 1995)
      This paper will begin with a brief overview of the research methodology used to gather the information contained throughout this honors project. This paper will then explain the background of the public accounting profession ...
    • The first amendment series 

      Dickinson, Brooke (Northern Illinois University, 1995)
      As a graphic designer, I consider the freedoms of the First Amendment especially important to my profession as it allows us to communicate our thoughts and feelings to the public. However, as censorship becomes more popular, ...
    • A first grade reading curriculum 

      Lee, Melissa R. (Northern Illinois University, 1999)
      A balanced approach between whole language and phonics instruction is the best way to teach beginning readers. This is a first grade reading curriculum that incorporates these two components. I chose the Four Blocks Literacy ...
    • First person singular (plural) 

      Filisha, Mishel (Northern Illinois University, 2001)
      First Person Singular (Plural) is a script and performance piece that explores female/feminine identity. The script, set for five female performers, is comprised of eight first person monologues, one group interactive ...