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    • CAIDEN: The Communications System 

      Case, Jennifer (Northern Illinois University, 2013)
      CAIDEN is a mobile robotic platform that can be equipped with a number of various sensors for specified use. A communication system was developed to convey commands and data to the robot. XBees were used to obtain wireless ...
    • Calculators : should they be used in the math classroom? 

      Kunkel, Tammy (Northern Illinois University, 1994)
      The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) stresses the importance of utilizing technology in the classroom to help students learn mathematical concepts and values. However, have teachers at both the elementary ...
    • The Calusa and Seminole Indians : before, during, and after colonialism 

      Woods, Rebecca M. (Northern Illinois University, 2006)
      The goal of this paper is to compare and contrast two Floridian Native American tribeb, the Calusa and the Seminole. The paper will deal with issues such as social life, econ]omy, political life and religion. These topics ...
    • Cam controlled walking robot 

      Crow, Andrew (Northern Illinois University, 2005)
      The objective ofthis project is to create a walking robot employing a cam controlled leg. The cam controlled walker was first theorized in the Master's Thesis of Xiaonan Wan of Northern Illinois University. The principle ...
    • Can a computerized reading therapy protocol augment auditory comprehension in severe aphasia? 

      Barber, Brittany (Northern Illinois University, 2011)
      Treatment of severe aphasia has historically been very difficult to remediate, and efficacious treatment options for this type of aphasia are limited (Samo et al., 1970). A person with aphasia demonstrates impairment in ...
    • Can an "educational" video game improve cognition in stroke/brain injury survivors? 

      Behnke, Stacey (Northern Illinois University, 2011)
      Current healthcare policies limit the time during which intensive rehabilitation is available for stroke and brain injury survivors (AAPM&R, 2009). Yet the timeline for recovery from such insults extends well beyond the ...
    • Can Contempt Cost You an Election? 

      Geyer, Megan (Northern Illinois University, 2011)
      Are politicians who show contempt less likely to attract support from voters? In this project we tested this question using a laboratory experiment. 37 students were recruited from undergraduate courses at NIU. Participants ...
    • Can We Predict Reproducible Scholarly Research? 

      McDade, Joseph C., 1986-- (Northern Illinois University, 2018-05-04)
      Empirical research should always be backed by substantial and verifiable data so that anyone who wishes to reproduce the study or replicate the study with different data can verify the claims made by the research are ...
    • Careers in communications 

      Kermgard, Thomas G. (Northern Illinois University, 1989)
      This promotional video script will focus on getting started on a career in advertising. This project is aimed at students of Northern Illinois University to help them take the right steps in getting started, which may be ...
    • Casanova River 

      Groenhagen, Kevin L. (Northern Illinois University, 1988)
      In sonata-allegro form
    • A case study in editing : revising the UWC tutor manual 

      Bell, Amber (Northern Illinois University, 2011)
      This Honors Capstone project sought to complete an editing project using both comprehensive editing and copyediting techniques while demonstrating proficiency in both digital and paper markup. The NIU University Writing ...
    • Case study in the machine tool industry 

      Pesavento, Arthur A. (Northern Illinois University, 1989)
      The purpose of this project was to look for any weaknesses in the structure of the company by using financial data from Franke Co. and comparing it to other publicly held companies which are in similar wholesaling operations ...
    • A Case Study in the Trend of Financial Institutions Outsourcing Their Internal Audit Function; Specializing in Smaller to Mid-Sized Banks 

      Keele, Joe (Northern Illinois University, 2000)
      Internal audit has gained the reputation of being a "necessary evil." Thus, many firms are looking for alternatives to the traditional audit department. Outsourcing ofthe internal audit function is an option that has become ...
    • A Case Study on Assessing Balance in an Older Adult with NeuroCom 

      Gonzaga, Abigayle (Northern Illinois University, 2012)
    • Cases in Strategic Management & Teaching Manual 

      McCloud, Ronald C. (Northern Illinois University, 1995)
      The purpose of this capstone project was to choose, edit, organize, and arrange eighteen graduate level strategic management cases and accompanying teacher's notes into a textbook and an accompanying teacher's manual that ...
    • Categorical syllogisms with TurboPascal 

      Chudzik, Michael P. (Northern Illinois University, 1988)
      There are more interesting things to do for computer programmers than to develop new sorting techniques. This is the spirit behind this project. The main part of this project consists of a computer program written in Pascal. ...
    • Causes and Consequences of the Greek Current Account Crisis and Estimates of the Current Account Balance 

      Derrera, Zachary J, 1995-- (Northern Illinois University, 2016)
      In this paper I examine the role Greece has played in the recent global financial crisis, specifically as it relates to their own current account predicament. I will identify the causes of the Greek debt crisis, as well ...
    • Central Asian regimes trample women’s rights : the effects of political transition on the status of women in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan 

      Kocher, Anastasia (Northern Illinois University, 2013)
      The five Central Asian states have all experienced difficult economic and societal transitions following their political independence in 1992 and face uncertain futures. This is especially true with regard to the significant ...
    • CEO duality and its impact on large publicly traded bank holding companies 

      Goodman, Kristen (Northern Illinois University, 1995)
      The objective of this paper is to examine the relationship between CEO duality (chairman of the board and CEO are the same individual) and firm performance and effIciency for a sample of large publicly traded bank holding ...
    • CEO Salary and Management Efficiency 

      Stellano, Wende (Northern Illinois University, 1995)
      This paper aims to shed light on the relationship between CEO compensation and management efficiency. It reports the results of an empirical study of a sample of Fortune 500 firms. My hypothesis is that there is a positive ...