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    • My Summer SEF Research at Nachusa Grasslands 

      Bautista, Angelica, 1986-- (2019)
      Over the summer I participated in various research projects with fellow NIU students. The research sites are located at Nachusa Grasslands in Franklin Grove, IL. I talk about my experience with small mammal trapping, ...
    • Geology Research Trip to Australia 

      Schweitzer, Madison M. 1998-- (2019-08-08)
    • Five Weeks for an Entire Life 

      Ahne, Brandon (2019-08-08)
      The following is a personal reflection over my month spent studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the summer of 2019. This reflection was made to be submitted towards the Student Engagement Fund.
    • Student Engagement Fund Final Narrative 

      Barajas, Marisol, 1995-- (2019-08-08)
      An essay for those who need to learn about a first hand experience about study abroad in China.
    • SEF Summer 2019 Final Narrative 

      Naughton, Sarah R., 1995-- (2019)
    • Narrative for SEF Study Abroad 2019 China 

      Johnson, Timothy (2019-08-08)
      A basic narrative about Timothy Johnson's experience in China of the summer of 2019
    • Science Communication Video Production 

      Yuan, Shupei (2019)
      This project attempted to educate an audience on both climate change and vaccinations, using a variety of tones, emotions, and styles.
    • Using Wearable Biosensor Technology 

      Brooks, Lauren E., 1999-- (2019)
      Student Engagement Fund final narrative describing the results and experience of completing a research project focused on using wearable biosensor technologies to see if equine therapy helps to reduce anxiety and stress ...
    • Student Engagement Fund 2019 Summer: Study Abroad 

      Cater, Nathanial R., 1997-- (Northern Illinois University, 2019-08-08)
      The Office Student Engagement Fund's required Final Reflection for the awarded funds by Nathanial Cater. The content of this writing summarizes the activities endeavored upon throughout the duration of the study abroad May ...
    • Student Engagement Fund Research Reflection 

      Kowalczyk, Monica, 1997-- (2019-08)
      This reflection describes my experience through the Student Engagement Fund, where I worked alongside two of my graduate school professors on a CNA training program that focused on palliative care.
    • 2019 SEF Final Narrative 

      Doom, Kevin A., 1997-- (Northern Illinois University, 2019-05-03)
    • SEF Final Report 

      Perez, Rosa (2019)
      The project I worked on during my time in the SEF program was The Degradation of Plastic Using Microbes. In my five hours of lab each week, I was able to learn proper aseptic technique. That included using gloves and ...
    • Final Reflection 

      Galvez, Ainsley (Northern Illinois University, 2019-03-03)
    • Supply Chain Network Optimization for Efficient and Resilient Network Pooling 

      Wasilewski, Patrick, 1996-- (Northern Illinois University, 2019-05-01)
      This report covers the information learned while studying transshipment games over the course of Spring 2019. This begins with explaining the definition of a transshipment game as well as how the Shapley Value functions ...
    • USOAR Reflection and Final Report 

      Arizpe, Alyssa G, 1996-- (Northern Illinois University, 2019-01)
      Through the centuries, communities have maintained contact, recorded history, and learned from past mistakes through storytelling. This timeless, oral tradition first burst to life in Ancient Greece. While literature and ...
    • Student Engagement Fund Narrative (Fall 2018) 

      Kingzette, Alexia M., 1998-- (2018-12-08)
      This is a narrative report of my attendance of the 52nd Annual Convention for the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies in Washington, D.C. I attended and presented a poster with my faculty mentor Dr. David ...
    • SEF Final Report 

      Avila, Abril, 1990-- (2018-12-07)
    • Does Choral Singing Improve Word Finding? Student Engagement Fund Final Narrative Report 

      Lusung, Junilane C., 1997-- (2018)
      The goal of my research project was to provide quantitative data supporting the hypothesis that choir participation may support functional communication in individuals with acquired neurogenic communication disorders. ...
    • Coalfields War Project 

      Raupp, Mark P. (N/A, 2018-12)
      Overview of the Battle of Virden, October 12 1898 in Virden Illinois.
    • An ecosystem structure approach to understanding restoration management effects on prairie community composition 

      Schofield, Nora L., 1995-- (Northern Illinois University, 2018-12-07)