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    • Use of Stable Isotopes in Quantifying Seabird Influence on Island Nutrient Dynamics 

      Weston, Maria; Kong, Stephanie (Northern Illinois University, 2015-05)
      Seabird colonies can have significant effects on island trophic structure by infusing massive amounts of guano fertilizer into terrestrial zones (Jones, 2010). These nutrients are important for driving soil chemical cycling ...
    • Using Wearable Biosensor Technology 

      Brooks, Lauren E., 1999-- (2019)
      Student Engagement Fund final narrative describing the results and experience of completing a research project focused on using wearable biosensor technologies to see if equine therapy helps to reduce anxiety and stress ...
    • USOAR Final Reflection- Film in France 

      Kahan, Elizabeth A., 1995- (2019-12)
      The art of theatre and specifically acting has been around since the Greeks. The tradition of orally passing down stories is not new, but technology advancements through the ages have given us the ability to record these ...
    • USOAR Reflection and Final Report 

      Arizpe, Alyssa G, 1996-- (Northern Illinois University, 2019-01)
      Through the centuries, communities have maintained contact, recorded history, and learned from past mistakes through storytelling. This timeless, oral tradition first burst to life in Ancient Greece. While literature and ...
    • Vergangenheitsbewältigung: Representing and Confronting the Nazi Past in Postwar German Film, 1945-1961 

      Cincotta, Natalie (Northern Illinois University, 2015-05)
      When Germany surrendered in May 1945, cultural life found itself at a standstill. In the west, the Allies took immediate control of the film industry, including the reeducation and denazification of German citizens, while ...
    • Vision System for Round Ground Metals 

      Woodall, Matthew (Northern Illinois University, 2015-05)
      This project consists of the design and development of a quality control vision system. Round Ground Metals produces small diameter Swiss screw machine quality stainless steel bars that will acquire various defects on them ...
    • Visualization of latent Fingerprints using metal thin-films 

      Aziz, Namra (Northern Illinois University, 2015-05)
      The commonly used detection and preservation of latent fingerprints methods employ dry powders or wet chemistry principles to visualize the samples in the field and also for laboratory analysis. This research examines a ...
    • Visualizing Chiropractic Motion Palpation Techniques 

      Woodall, Melissa (Northern Illinois University, 2015-05)
      My research and artistry project involved the creation of two educational posters showing different manipulations that are involved with motion palpation, a chiropractic technique used to diagnose and treat patients. The ...
    • Water Quality vs Standard Methods 

      Dayton, Kimbark (Northern Illinois University, 2020)
    • World History of Design Project 

      Herrera, Jade M., 1998-- (Northern Illinois University, 2020-05-08)