The Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning (OSEEL) is dedicated to providing opportunities for undergraduates to engage in hands-on learning. Through OSEEL's undergraduate research, service projects, themed learning communities, and other high impact practices, NIU students will develop critical thinking, use creativity, and employ multiple communication strategies while applying their skills to real-world problems. As an outgrowth of the Curricular Innovations strategic plan, OSEEL works collaboratively across university divisions and colleges to create sustainable, relevant, student-centered, research-based programming which utilizes experiential learning, both in and out of the classroom to promote and sustain student academic success.

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Recent Submissions

  • 2019 SEF Final Narrative 

    Doom, Kevin A., 1997-- (Northern Illinois University, 2019-05-03)
  • Final Reflection 

    Galvez, Ainsley (Northern Illinois University, 2019-03-03)
  • Supply Chain Network Optimization for Efficient and Resilient Network Pooling 

    Wasilewski, Patrick, 1996-- (Northern Illinois University, 2019-05-01)
    This report covers the information learned while studying transshipment games over the course of Spring 2019. This begins with explaining the definition of a transshipment game as well as how the Shapley Value functions ...
  • USOAR Reflection and Final Report 

    Arizpe, Alyssa G, 1996-- (Northern Illinois University, 2019-01)
    Through the centuries, communities have maintained contact, recorded history, and learned from past mistakes through storytelling. This timeless, oral tradition first burst to life in Ancient Greece. While literature and ...
  • Student Engagement Fund Narrative (Fall 2018) 

    Kingzette, Alexia M., 1998-- (2018-12-08)
    This is a narrative report of my attendance of the 52nd Annual Convention for the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies in Washington, D.C. I attended and presented a poster with my faculty mentor Dr. David ...
  • SEF Final Report 

    Avila, Abril, 1990-- (2018-12-07)
  • Does Choral Singing Improve Word Finding? Student Engagement Fund Final Narrative Report 

    Lusung, Junilane C., 1997-- (2018)
    The goal of my research project was to provide quantitative data supporting the hypothesis that choir participation may support functional communication in individuals with acquired neurogenic communication disorders. ...
  • Coalfields War Project 

    Raupp, Mark P. (N/A, 2018-12)
    Overview of the Battle of Virden, October 12 1898 in Virden Illinois.
  • An ecosystem structure approach to understanding restoration management effects on prairie community composition 

    Schofield, Nora L., 1995-- (Northern Illinois University, 2018-12-07)
  • SEF Narrative: B.A.R.K.S Survey 

    Edgar, Kristen M., 1996-- (Northern Illinois University, 2018-12-06)
    A student engagement fund narrative and a full campus sustainability survey.
  • Final Report: Tanzania 

    Melara, Candy V. -- (Northern Illinois University, 2018-08)
  • SEF Narrative 

    Mogan, James R., 1988-- (Northern Illinois University, 2018-05-04)
  • 3D Printed Maps for People with Visual Impairments 

    Mendez, Matthew W., 1997-- (Northern Illinois University, 2018-05-04)
    Although many advances in turn-by-turn, GPS-enabled guidance for people with visual impairments have been made in the last decade, research suggests that map-based learning significantly improves long-term spatial memory ...
  • Studying potential new physics with production pair of Higgs boson 

    Kral, Derek C., 1989-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05)
    Over the course of this semester, I have dedicated time to this wonderful opportunity provided by my mentor along with the Student Engagement Fund to gain more experience with computers, the culture, and learn more about ...
  • Granular Flow in a Conveyor System 

    Krupiarz, Kamila A. (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05-05)
    Uniformity of granular flow behavior is critical in many industries. The behavior in a conveyor apparatus aims to fill a gap in knowledge of achieving uniformity in mass flow rate by correlating velocity profile data with ...
  • Culturing Glioblastoma Cancer Stem Cells 

    Maas, Rebecca D., 1997-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05-05)
    Glioblastoma multiforme is a malignant tumor that grows in the human brain. Patients diagnosed with Glioblastomas (GBM) require very extensive and invasive treatment that includes surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. ...
  • The Social Roots of Genocide: The Bosnian Genocide 

    Holt, Matthew W., 1997-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05-05)
    Genocide is often claimed as a a top down action of political violence. This report does not contest that, but moreover focuses on the social interactions at the individual level that encouraged crimes including, but not ...
  • Analyzing impacts of wallows on prairie plant communities 

    Wagner, Nicole A., 1987-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05)
    Bison play a key role in maintaining prairies by creating natural disturbances through trampling, grazing and wallowing that shape plant communities. Wallowing can aid prairies, through seed dispersal and soil enrichment, ...
  • DeKalb County Community Gardens and Food Security Project 

    Nowakowski, Marissa (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05)
    This project is about the food security insecurities throughout DeKalb.
  • Targeting GLI3 in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma 

    Ibarra, Gabriela (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05)
    Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is an aggressive lymphoma that is further subdivided into activated B cell (ABC) and germinal center B cell (GCB) like subtypes. Each subtype responds to therapy in different ways and ...

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