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  • Misfit and milestones: structural elaboration and capability reinforcement in the evolution of entrepreneurial top management teams 

    Ferguson, Amanda J.; Cohen. Lisa E.; Burton, M. Diane; Beckman, Christine M. (Academy of Management, 2016-08)
    We examine how "top management team (TMT) misfit," or discrepancies between the TMT's functional roles and the qualifications of the managers who fill those roles, affects the evolution of TMT composition and structure in ...
  • Social, behavioral, and cognitive influences on upper echelons during strategy process 

    Bromiley, Philip; Rau, Devaki (Sage Publications, Inc., 2016-01)
    This study reviews research on the social, behavioral, and cognitive influences on CEOs, top management teams (TMTs), and the CEO-TMT interface during strategic decision making. We identify the key issues examined in this ...
  • Operations management and the resource based view: another view 

    Bromiley, Philip; Rau, Devaki (Elsevier B.V., 2015-12)
    This paper evaluates the usefulness of the resource-based view (RBV) to the field of operations management. Based on the seminal RBV articles, we argue that using the RBV does not align with the objectives and activities ...
  • Missing the point of the practice-based view 

    Bromiley, Philip; Rau, Devaki (Sage Publications, Ltd., 2016-08)
    In this article, we address Jarzabkowski et al.’s strategy-as-practice criticism of Bromiley and Rau’s practice-based view as ignoring the “who” and “how” of practice implementation. Bromiley and Rau explicitly note that ...
  • A better way of managing major risks 

    Bromiley, Philip; Rau, Devaki (IESE Business School, 2016)
    The article focuses on important distinction between enterprise risk management and strategic risk management and regarding the role of board directors in the risk management. It mentions that different way to identify and ...