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    • Automatic Elections 

      Oswalt, Michael M. (2014)
      The idea that the right mix of conditions will spark workers to engage in mass collective action is a theme sometimes invoked by labor movement writers, activists, and reformers. It is also an assumption found — and ...
    • Judicial Campaign Speech Restrictions in Light of Republican Party of Minnesota v. White 

      Schuetz, Julie Schuering (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2004-05)
      In the United States Supreme Court decision Republican Party of Minnesota v. White, a five-to-four majority struck down a judicial campaign speech restriction designed to uphold the impartiality and integrity of the judiciary ...
    • The Same Side of Two Coins: The Peculiar Phenomenon of Bet-Hedging in Campaign Finance 

      Cohen, Jason (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2006-05)
      This paper addresses the propensity of large donors to make financial contributions to competing candidates or party organizations during the same election cycle--for example, giving money to both Bush and Kerry during the ...