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    • Agriculture, Rural Workers and Free Trade 

      Luna, Guadalupe T. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1994-07)
      This article identifies the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on this country's agricultural workforce. The author concludes that as currently written, NAFTA facilitates the historically unequal ...
    • Some Economic Aspects of Crime in the United States 

      Martellaro, Joseph A. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1994-05)
      This article focuses on the economic aspects of crime in the United States, specifically analyzing crimes which are committed by persons upon other persons and against property. The author notes that NAFTA may result in ...
    • Unification and Harmonization of Law Relating to Global and Regional Trading 

      Zaphiriou, George A. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1994-05)
      The author begins by discussing the international unification of negotiable instruments, international sales, carriage of goods by sea, general average, international countertrading, procurement, electronic commerce, and ...