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This community contains publications and research from the faculty of the Department of Political Science.

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  • Hannagan, Rebecca; Larimer, Christopher W.; Smith, Kevin B. (SAGE Publications, 2007)
    In this article, we use an original laboratory experiment to test how people react to ambitious decision makers, allowing for interactions with gender. In the experiment, participants are told two decision makers will be ...
  • Buehler, Michael (Taylor & Francis, 2011)
    Institutional reforms introduced after the collapse of the New Order regime have brought state–society relations in Indonesia under increased scrutiny. This paper uses an evaluation of Law 25/2009 on Public Services as a ...
  • Swedlow, Brendon (Cambridge University Press, 2011-10)
    Many political scientists first learned of anthropologist Mary Douglas's cultural theory (CT) through Aaron Wildavsky's APSA presidential address (Wildavsky 1987), in which he sought to explain the value of this theoretical ...
  • Swedlow, Brendon (Cambridge University Press, 2011-10)
    A major complaint against cultural theories is that they cannot explain political change (Lockhart 1997). Cultural and institutional accounts of politics are also often seen as antagonistic (Chai 1997; Grendstad and Selle ...

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