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  • Falkoff, Marc D. (Northern Illinois University College of Law, 2008-03)
    Boumediene v. Bush is the latest of the Guantánamo detainee cases to make it to our nation’s highest court, and it will be the third time that the Justices take a metaphorical tour of Guantánamo in order to sort out some ...
  • Falkoff, Marc D. (2012)
    Because habeas petitioners seek a court order for liberty rather than compensation, judges have a duty to decide habeas petitions promptly. But increasingly, the federal courts have fallen behind on their heavy habeas ...
  • Falkoff, Marc D. (2007)
    This article explores litigation delays occurring at the Guantámo Bay Naval Base. The author uses his clients to illustrate some of the issues that have arisen with overseas detention cases. Through his clients’ experience ...
  • Falkoff, Marc D. (Northern Illinois University College of Law, 2009-03-05)
    Recent release orders, statements by some military lawyers and judges, and the military’s own admission of detention mistakes all confirm that the only way for the Obama administration to restore our legal system’s legitimacy ...

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