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    • Excystation and fine structure of the rabbit coccidium eimeria stiedae 

      Chappel, Larry Richard, 1944- (Northern Illinois University, 1968)
      Sporozoites of Elmerla stiedae, an intracellular sporozoan undergoing schizogony and part of sporogony in rabbit bile duct epithelium were excysted in vitro and studied under the electron microscope. In vitro excystation ...
    • An investigation on linkage of buphthalmos and coat color in the domestic rabbit 

      Bauer, Edward J. (Student of biology) (Northern Illinois University, 1965)
      The rarity of appearance of pigmented buphthalmic rabbits from albino and pigmented buphthalmic carrier parents had been previously attributed to the close linkage between the bu (buphthalmos) and c (pigmentation) loci. ...