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    • Communicating church branding through anniversary services 

      Mead, Kate E. (Northern Illinois University, 2017)
      This study provides an analysis of communication as presented through church anniversary services. The paper includes a discussion on organizational branding, which is then applied to religious organizations and, more ...
    • Examining Logical Fallacies in the Creationism Debate 

      Stoutenburg, Karyn (Northern Illinois University, 2011)
      Within the creationism debate, there are numerous logical fallacies used in an attempt to persuade. To determine the type and frequency of fallacies used, this study examines four creationism texts to identify and classify ...
    • Homosexuals in the Clergy: Biblical Perspectives on the Ongoing Debate 

      Heatherly, Neal (Northern Illinois University, 2011)
      In 2009, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) decided to allow homosexuals in lifelong monogamous relationships to serve as Clergy. This decision upset many members of the organization, leading to the formation ...