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    • A comparison of three prescriptive methods for hearing aid selection 

      Hoover, Lisa M. (Northern Illinois University, 1989)
      Three widely used prescriptive methods of hearing aid selection, the NAL, the POGO, and the CID Phase IV method were compared on the basis of prescribed gain, listener quality judgement and speech intelligibility. Fourteen ...
    • Consonant visibility from two horizontal viewing angles 

      Segriff, Carla H. (Northern Illinois University, 1986)
      This study was conducted to investigate consonant lipreading performance at 0 degree and 90 degree angles of observation. Twenty consonants were placed in a consonant-vowel context to form 20 nonsense monosyllables. Each ...
    • The effect of task demands on the P300 event-related potential 

      Olson, Laurel (Northern Illinois University, 1987)
      This study was designed to determine if the degree of perceived difficulty of a task has an effect on the latency of the P300 event-related potential (ERP). The latency of the ERP waveforms of ten female subjects, age 22-24 ...