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    • CSCI 466 : data base/data communications notes and programming examples 

      McCall, Fiona A. (Northern Illinois University, 1987)
    • Superwylbur macro : D50TD80 

      Rowe, Karen (Student of computer science) (Northern Illinois University, 1989)
      The purpose of this project was to write a Superwylbur macro, called D50TD80, for the Computing Information center at Northern Illinois University. The project was completed using Superwylbur, an interactive computing ...
    • Updated CICS procedures for CSCI 466 

      Lelek, Brian R. (Northern Illinois University, 1988)
      The thesis contains an explanation of the conversion of the current CICS procedures for CSCI 46. The procedures to be converted include: GENSMAP, GENPMAP, GENPGM, and CSCI 466. The new JCL steps to be added include: DEFINTRA, ...