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    • Political events and the oil market between 1965 and 1985 

      Kosiec, Richard A. (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      The oil market has gone through major changes in its structure over the past twenty years. The changes that have occurred can be attributed to events in both the oil producing and consuming countries. Both the political ...
    • Study of the journalistic techniques used by The Northern Star and recommendations for improvement 

      Henfling, Deborah (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      A survey of sources for the Northern Star, regarding the accuracy of the reporting, analysis of the results, and discussion for improvement.
    • A survey of the flora and plant communities of Burch Woods 

      Floit, Sara; Mellard, Sue (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      Burch Woods is a 55 acre piece of land which was donated to Northern Illinois University by Mr. Barton Burch of Lindenwood, Illinois. It is located 2.5 miles north of Route 64 and 0.4 miles west of Mulford Road along ...
    • Structured programming: PL/I with PL/C chapters one through seven 

      Hoch, Jean (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      During the current semester I worked with Kathi Davis on supplementary material for a PL/I textbook. PL/I is a computer programming language similar to both FORTRAN and COBOL. Kathi Davis, along with Lyle Domina, are ...
    • Crisis in the American courts: Greylord and the destruction of fiduciary bonds between the justice system and society 

      Weber, Christopher J. (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      While it is commonly accepted and agreed upon that judges ought not to be partial, which (for reasons which will be discussed later) in the case of the judge necessarily implies corrupt, very seldom is there a reason given ...
    • What is computer crime and why does it continue? 

      Ragona, Julie A. (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      Falling prices and rapidly increasing technology have made day-to-day use of the computer commonplace in today's business world. The invaluable services of the computer are readily available to everyone from corner grocery ...
    • The problem of induction : solved by the critical method 

      Peccarelli, Andy (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      David Hume was the first philosopher to discuss the problem of induction. In An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (1) he divided the objects of human reason into two kinds, relations of ideas and matters of fact. ...
    • Networks and graphs 

      Tsao, Brenda K. (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      Graph theory is a part of mathematics that has many practical applications. The study of graph theory began in 1736 with Leonard Euler’s work on the Konigsberg bridge problem. Konigsberg was a city built on a river with ...
    • A comparative study of the city governments of DeKalb and Rochelle 

      Coakley, John (Student of political science) (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      When comparing the Illinois cities of Dekalb and Rochelle, some differences are found. The more obvious differences of size, demographics of citizenry and location are not the only ones which exist. The cities also have ...
    • The unending battle : disposables fight for market share 

      Bush, Mary E. (Student of journalism) (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      This paper will analyze the marketing efforts of two giant companies in the disposable diaper market. It is my intention to provide the reader of this paper with a background of these two companies, their marketing strategies, ...
    • Work with an expert system 

      Hahn, Allison (Student of computer science) (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      For my Capstone, I assisted Computer Science Instructor Kathi Davis with her implementation of an expert system to translate a conventional file system into a commercial database system. The main purpose of her expert ...
    • The changing perception of woman's role in society : a study (1974-1978) 

      Grange, David P. (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      There can be no doubt that, in our society today, women have been working hard to advance and better their situation in the home, in the schools, and in the workplace. As early as 1647, Margaret Brent went before the ...
    • Ergonomics and productivity : a study of an office employee's relationship with his or her physical surroundings 

      Durnberger, Nancy (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      The following report presents a discussion on some of the various elements an office manager can classify as ergonomic factors. When considering the office as a sum of its various parts, each aspect may seem relatively ...
    • Safety for motorcyclists : ADAC motorcycle safety training instructor's guide 

      Rubinson, Steven (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      A translation from German to English.
    • Accounting for Pensions: The Controversy 

      Elam, Beverly M. (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
    • Assessing the mass media's handling of religious and moral issues 

      Killam, Jim, 1963- (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      This report will examine criticism of the media from the political right and the religious right to determine, first, whether the criticisms are valid and, if they are, to suggest methods of improvement in covering religious ...
    • The International Debt Crisis: Where the U.S. Stands 

      Morris, Judith (Student of finance) (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
    • The American Heart Association 

      Schwartz, Patricia M. (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      The American Heart Association is a not-for-profit, voluntary organization, supported by private contributions, whose mission is to reduce early death and disability from heart disease and related disorders. These diseases ...
    • Becoming more responsible for your actions : a study on sexual responsibility 

      Chambers, Julie (Student of nursing and health studies) (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      For my independent study, I chose to survey the women in the Northern Illinois University Residence Hall System. I was assessing their level of sexual responsibility through the use of a pre- and post-term survey. The ...
    • Adolescent health care 

      Galitz, Mary (Northern Illinois University, 1985)
      In recent years, the incidence of teenage pregnancy has increased significantly (Weinman and Nenney, 1984). As health professionals, it is important for nurses to assess and understand the needs of the adolescents and ...