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    • "Daytime", "nighttime" and "24-hour-period" terms : a cross-linguistic study of polysemies 

      Widmann, Angelika M. (Northern Illinois University, 1987)
      This thesis investigates recurring patterns of polysemy involving "daytime", "nighttime" and "24-hour-period" terms within a sample of 180 globally distributed languages from most of the world's major language phyla. The ...
    • De- stress to nursing success 

      Jenkins, Jessica (Student of nursing); Whittle, Emily (Student of nursing) (Northern Illinois University, 2013)
      Nursing as a whole is a very stressful occupation to go into. From the pre-requisite classes one needs to take to even have a chance of getting into a nursing program; to the many clinical and classes that are required ...
    • Deadlock detection and resolution in discrete-event simulation 

      Basavatia, Amar K. (Northern Illinois University, 1995)
      Even though simulation models are validated and verified as steps in model development, a problem known as “deadlock” can still occur and go unnoticed in large, complex, discrete-event simulation models. Of all the commercial ...
    • The death of philosophy in Karl Popper's The open society and its enemies 

      Whidden, Christopher M. (Northern Illinois University, 2003)
    • The Death of Standard Costing 

      Wagner, Kristin L. (Northern Illinois University, 1992)
      Standard costing systems are no longer adequate or effective costing systems for U.S. companies employing statistical process control, total quality control, and just-in-time inventory systems. The four purposes for which ...
    • Debate on Southeast Asia – An Idea Whose Time Is Past? 

      Than, Tharaphi; van Schendel, Wilhelm; Cribb, Robert; Sidaway, James D. (Brill Academic Publishers, 2012)
    • Decorative domestics : the interior paintings of Edouard Vuillard 

      Charmelo, Julie Anne (Northern Illinois University, 1996)
      Through an examination of the domestic interior intimist paintings of Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940), a comparison has been initiated, in terms of style and subject matter, between his genre scenes and different modes of ...
    • Decreasing Check-In to Discharge Time in the PTC 

      Sheehan, Natalie A., 1994--; Bergmann, Shekinah, 1995--; Nonnemacher, Grant, 1994-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05-05)
      The Physician Treatment Center (PTC) at Central DuPage Hospital, part of Northwestern Medicine, has seen a 21% increase in patients over the past year. This increase caused severe strain on PTC staff and space. Before ...
    • Decreasing Check-In to Discharge Time in the PTC 

      Nonnemacher, Grant; Bergmann, Shekinah; Sheehan, Natalie (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05-05)
      The Physician Treatment Center at Central DuPage Hospital was born out of the Emergency Department. It was conceived as an idea of how to keep patients from being admitted to the hospital through and emergency visit for ...
    • Deductibility of Educational Expenses 

      Nester, Patrick (Northern Illinois University, 1993)
      To determine whether an education expense is deductible, taxpayers must examine a series of tests. The first test determines whether the education qualifies under Section 162 as a trade or business expense. To pass this ...
    • The Default Rule on Burden of Proof in Civil Cases 

      Parness, Jeffrey A. (2015-11)
      An Illinois Appellate Court recently ruled that a custodial parent requesting a court order allowing removal of a child from Illinois must be shown to be in the child’s best interests by a preponderance of the evidence, ...
    • Defendant Class Actions Under Rule 23(b)(2): Resolving the Language Dilemma 

      Taylor, David H. (1991)
      This Article explores the language dilemma created by the provisions of subsection (b)(2). After setting out the precise nature of the language dilemma, the Article discusses the arguments of those courts that have denied ...
    • Defending the Indefensible to Further a Later Case: Sanctioning Respondents in Illinois Domestic Violence Cases 

      Taylor, David H. (2003)
      When an act of domestic violence occurs in Illinois, as in most other jurisdictions, both criminal charges and a civil Domestic Violence Order of Protection may follow. The order of protection may be commenced in conjunction ...
    • The defense of fair comment : how well does it work? 

      Bose, Jayita (Northern Illinois University, 1996)
      Fair Comment, now considered an effective legal defense against libel, evolved through the social and political developments in England, and the United States. The most important criterion in Milkovich v. Lorain Journal ...
    • Defining employment centers in Milwaukee : a GIS solution to boundary questions 

      Cha, Soomee (Northern Illinois University, 2000)
      The purpose of this paper is to define the employment centers in metropolitan Milwaukee by using the ratio of workers working in a census tract to workers living in the tract (E/R ratio) as a primary criterion. Following ...
    • Defining the geographic realities of land use change due to population growth 

      Ulreich, Raymond G. (Northern Illinois University, 2002)
    • Definition of phosphate-stress in Zea mays 

      Sachay, James E. (Northern Illinois University, 1990)
      Phosphate-stress was determined in the monocot Zea mays. Definition of phosphate-stress was investigated by growing plants with and without phosphate in defined nutrient solution and measuring a number of parameters. These ...
    • Degrees with Distinction 

      Unknown author (2009-01-22)
    • DeKalb : keeping abreast with the hospice movement 

      Weber, Kathie (Northern Illinois University, 1984)
      In the past ten years, a new concept in health care, called hospice, has been sweeping our country. Having been long since established in Europe, the hospice movement was introduced to America in the mid-seventies. Since ...
    • DeKalb County Community Gardens and Food Security Project 

      Nowakowski, Marissa (Northern Illinois University, 2017-05)
      This project is about the food security insecurities throughout DeKalb.