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    • Z? ? bb? signal extraction from QCD continuum background using jet-jet mass 

      Yetter, John (Northern Illinois University, 1996)
      We report results on the extraction of the Z? ? bb? signal from the jet-jet mass spectrum for Run 1b, using monte carlo studies along with maximum likelihood fit techniques.
    • Zirkussklaven 

      Bell, Sinclair (Franz Steiner Verlag, 2006)
    • Žižek and the Real Hegel 

      Gunkel, David J. (International Journal of Žižek Studies, 2008)
      Žižek's reading of Hegel is, as he and many of his readers explicitly recognize, distinctly unorthodox. Efforts to appraise these readings often make reference to and mobilize the "real Hegel," a recognized standard and ...
    • β₂ microglobulin stimulation of mononuclear leukocytes 

      Genis, Carol A. (Northern Illinois University, 1984)
      Chemotaxis is a phenomenon in which cells move in the direction of a chemical gradient. Both neutrophils and macrophages exhibit chemotactic behavior in response to molecules released during inflammation. Activated lymphocytes ...