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Welcome to the Huskie Commons digital repository. This is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material from scholars within the Northern Illinois University Community.

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  • Burdick, Timothy T.; Tharrington, Williams (Northern Illinois University, 1990-05-11)
    As graduating honor students, Timothy and Williams were required to fulfill a capstone course. This paper is the result of that requirement. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was chosen because of its widespread use within ...
  • Seibel, Carly (Northern Illinois University, 2013-04-29)
    Mothers’ responses to infants’ gestures are proposed as a mechanism for vocabulary acquisition. It is known that at 13 months mothers give more object labels to pointing than object extensions at a time when infants are ...
  • Johnson, Amanda (Northern Illinois University, 2014-05)
    While experts (Nystrand, 1997; Applebee, Langer, Nystrand, and Gamoran, 2003) have long encouraged authentic discussion as a means to promote literacy learning, teachers rarely engage students in this form of dialogic ...
  • Ismail, Khaled (Northern Illinois University, 2012-12)
    In order to create a world where homosexual desire, masculinities, and sex is reconciled, gay pom challenges and presents new ways of framing our understanding of sexuality, gender and sex. It does so by offering options ...
  • Tittelbach, Tracy (Northern Illinois University, 2011-05-14)
    This study examined sex differences in the impact of sexual fantasies and behaviors on attitudes about sadomasochism (SM). Current empirical literature suggests men are more likely to fantasize and participate in SM ...

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