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  • Burnout Doesn't Frighten Me 

    Stange, Meredith A.G. (Legal Writing Institute, 2021-03)
    This past semester we all taught during an unprecedented worst-case scenario, moving our courses online at the literal drop of a hat. Although I know my experience is not unique, from March to the end of the semester in ...
  • Woodstock Illinois Age-Friendly Livable Community Action Plan 

    Evans, Mim; Blanke, Andy; Walzer, Norman (Northern Illinois University Center for Government Studies, 2021-06)
    The City of Woodstock has a vision for an age-friendly future: Age-friendly Woodstock, Illinois is widely recognized as a warm, welcoming vibrant community offering lifelong opportunity and enrichment for youth and adults ...
  • How To 

    Kang, Christina M. 1994-- (Northern Illinois University, 2021-05)
    How To is a one-person exhibition of mixed media drawings and prints. The exhibited work is meant to convey my personal explorations and representations of my identity crisis as a Taiwanese-American woman in the forms of ...
  • Going Dutch 

    Valentine, Aimee J. (Northern Illinois University, 2021-04-30)
    Going Dutch is a narrative exploration of the boundaries of object/subject relationships through image, material, and form. Beds, body parts, containers, food, and domestic appliances appear in the work as symbols of ...
  • Disappear Here 

    Barnat, Larissa (Northern Illinois University, 2021)
    Through the disappearance, destruction of the environment, and personal loss, my paintings have a feeling of dread. Regarding the destruction of the environment, coral reefs play an essential role for local communities and ...

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