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  • Choosing a Journal to Publish In: Toolkit 

    Droog, Alissa A. (2020-09-23)
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place in Illinois: Constitutional Responses to Adverse Waste Facility Siting Decisions 

    Fetherling, Tara (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1992-07)
    The author undertakes a critical review of the role of public participation in the Illinois waste facility siting statute, concluding that the statute, as currently written, interpreted and implemented supplies only one ...
  • Panel Discussion 

    Babcock, Richard; Currie, Barbara Flynn; Siegel, Jack M.; Siemon, Charles L.; Forrest, Clyde W.; Dunne, Arthur L. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1992-07)
    The final session of the symposium produced lively discussion among panel participants and the audience. The panel members addressed the practical implications of land use law from the view of developers, academicians, ...
  • An Alternative for Illinois Land Use Legislation 

    Forrest, Clyde W. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1992-07)
    This article addresses the need for an interrelated planning component in Illinois land use law. Professor Forrest concludes that the existing legislative model is obsolete and fails to address common problems confronting ...
  • Illinois Annexation Agreements--Are We Behind the Times? 

    Baran, Barbara (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1992-07)
    Ms. Baran begins her article by discussing the impetus for the Illinois Annexation Agreement Statute. Next, she provides the reader with a thorough analysis of each provision of the statute with particular emphasis on the ...

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