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  • Heads Up!: The Baseball Facility Liability Act 

    Tierney, Ted J. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1998-07)
    This comment examines law regarding spectator injury at baseball games. The Baseball Facility Liability Act, which was enacted by the Illinois legislature to prevent spectators from recovering damages for injuries suffered ...
  • Throwing Like a Girl: Constitutional Implications of Title IX Regarding Gender Discrimination in High School Athletic Programs 

    Johnson, Tracy J. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1998-07)
    This comment examines various approaches to dealing with sexual discrimination in high school sports. The decisions reveal that equal protection under the law is violated if the classification between males and females in ...
  • Bennet v. Spear: Lions, Tigers and Bears Beware; The Decline of Environmental Protection 

    Chaudhari, Preeti S. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1998-07)
    The conservationist purpose of several environmental statutes is eroding. This casenote examines the Supreme Court's decision in Bennett v. Spear, in which the Court expanded standing by holding that even commercial entities ...
  • Negotiating Resolution of Environmental Enforcement Actions 

    Faletto, Jon S. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1998-07)
    The author asserts that aggressive identification and correction of compliance problems are the best defenses in an environmental enforcement action. The purpose of the article is to provide an understanding of how civil ...
  • Symposium Luncheon Address 

    Manning, Claire A. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1998-07)
    Overview of the role and function of the Illinois Pollution Control Board in citizen enforcement and other actions, and the Board’s role in recent environmental achievements.

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