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  • The Single-Purpose Container Exception: A Logical Extension of the Plain View Doctrine Made Unworkable 

    Kegl, Daniel (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2009-11)
    This Comment examines the single-purpose container exception to the Fourth Amendment's warrant requirement. Since the exception was recognized in Arkansas v. Sanders and revisited in Robbins v. California, the federal ...
  • Sexual Favoritism: A Cause of Action Under a "Sex-Plus" Theory 

    Best, Susan J. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2009-11)
    This Comment avers that sexual favoritism is a form of "sex-plus" discrimination. Traditionally, sexual favoritism has been argued as being a form of sexual harassment. Therefore, in order to be successful in a claim for ...
  • The Effect of State Law on the Judge-Jury Relationship in Federal Court 

    Worf, Richard C., Jr. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2009-11)
    The conventional wisdom says that judge-jury rules in diversity cases are governed solely by federal law. My article shows that, to the contrary, under standard Erie principles, state law should (and often already does) ...
  • The Marriage Contract in Fine Art 

    Templin, Benjamin A. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2009-11)
    From the fifteenth- to eighteenth-centuries, artists across Europe and England painted a scene depicting the negotiation of a marriage contract. In nearly every painting, a notary sits or stands at a table, quill in hand, ...
  • Yours, Mine, and Ours: Law Firm Property Disputes 

    Richmond, Douglas R. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 2009-11)
    Lateral movement by lawyers at all levels is now common. Ours is an age of lawyer mobility. It is also an age of client transience. Clients routinely change law firms, sometimes because they move with lateral lawyers, and ...

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