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Welcome to the Huskie Commons digital repository. This is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material from scholars within the Northern Illinois University Community.

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  • Nwaiwu, Sebastine (Northern Illinois University, 2009)
    The energy poverty being witnessed in many developing countries and the fear of a deteriorating environment are some of the factors driving the nuclear renaissance. Over the years, global energy demand has continued to ...
  • Schibelka, Mary Claire (Northern Illinois University, 2013)
    As a special educator, it is one’s goal to ensure that students are as successful after high school as possible. This means that teachers are responsible for making sure their students have appropriate social, functional, ...
  • Hill, James (Student of mechanical engineering) (Northern Illinois University, 2006)
    The main goal of this project is to design and implement a reliable testing method for the efficiency of rotational deaerators. The efficiency can be determined by monitoring the percentage of air the deaerator removes ...
  • Julkowski, Adam (Northern Illinois University, 2007)
    Typically, freecoasters are used in BMX street-riding applications. The freecoaster is a mechanism found in the rear hub of a bicycle which allows a bicycle to roll backwards without the bikes' pedals having to move along ...
  • Kane, Thomas J. (Student of mechanical engineering) (Northern Illinois University, 1992)
    A working model for a thermal anemometry system compatible with the TSI brand probe and control box that provides a digital readout of both wind speed and direction was constructed. The design was intended to (1) eliminate ...

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