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Huskie Commons is Northern Illinois University's digital repository, a secure virtual space in which we collect, preserve, and provide access to the scholarly and artistic works created by the NIU community. From peer-reviewed articles authored by faculty to honors capstone projects created by students to electronic theses and dissertations, Huskie Commons showcases the intellectual output of NIU's faculty, staff, students, and organizations.

When you deposit your materials into Huskie Commons, you receive an enduring link to your materials and the Library assumes the responsibility of preserving them into the future.

To learn more about depositing your scholarly and artistic materials into Huskie Commons, the types of materials that are eligible for inclusion, and other information please see the Huskie Commons Guide

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  • Shah, Sagar V., 1995-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017-12-09)
    Home automation is rapidly growing at present. People need comfort and convenience. In this paper, I give an overview of the home automation through power line communication (PLC) technology. This paper presents an overview ...
  • Schrauth, Jennifer P., 1996-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017-12-08)
    In the United States, drugs continue to be a longstanding problem, causing the addictions and deaths of millions of people. Although drug and drug epidemic trends change with the passage of time, their similarly harmful ...
  • Idowu, Patrick (Northern Illinois University, 2017-12-08)
    Providing gluteal strengthening for people hip osteoarthritis (OA) is a widely used treatment approach. One of the most common deficits affecting hip OA identified by physical therapist is the weakness in the gluteal ...
  • Bryant, Alaiyha S, 1996-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017-12-07)
    Art and Race: Exploring Social Justice Issues through Visual Culture, a high school art curriculum, explores how race and social justice issues in visual culture connect to historical concepts within the realm of social ...
  • Larson, Carolena S., 1993-- (Northern Illinois University, 2017-12-06)
    This paper brings together the fields of hydrology, politics, and national security to stress the importance of potable water. The hypothesis is: the more decentralized the process of obtaining drinkable water is, the more ...

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