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Welcome to the Huskie Commons digital repository. This is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material from scholars within the Northern Illinois University Community.

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  • Parness, Jeffrey A. (2015)
    Legal parentage under American state laws is significantly and rapidly evolving. And, it is increasingly imprecise. No longer is legal parentage only defined at precise moments in time or for particular conduct, as by ...
  • Parness, Jeffrey A. (2016)
    Stepparents with no formal adoptive ties who have developed with their stepchildren “familial bonds” or parental-like relationships should have greater statutory third party childcare standing even though they are not “de ...
  • Parness, Jeffrey A. (2015)
    Not too long ago American state laws chiefly designated parentage at precise moments in time. One became a parent upon giving birth; upon having one’s spouse give birth; upon formal adoption; upon completion of a birth ...
  • Parness, Jeffrey A. (2015-11)
    An Illinois Appellate Court recently ruled that a custodial parent requesting a court order allowing removal of a child from Illinois must be shown to be in the child’s best interests by a preponderance of the evidence, ...
  • Parness, Jeffrey A. (2015)
    When questions are raised by a current client regarding an attorney’s representation of the client, the questioned attorney should be able to seek counsel confidentially. Such a conferral will often benefit the attorney, ...

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