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Welcome to the Huskie Commons digital repository. This is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material from scholars within the Northern Illinois University Community.

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  • Khamo, Taniel (Northern Illinois UniversityNorthern Illinois University, 2003-05)
    The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of Enron's collapse and the long-term implications of its failure. The areas affected by the company's demise are: society's perception of business, energy industry, large ...
  • McCorkhill, Rebecca (Northern Illinois UniversityNorthern Illinois University, 2004-05)
    The focus of this thesis is to research different retention management practices used by companies. By completing this research, hopefully a better understanding of retention management and what works in different environments ...
  • Sethna, Delshad (Northern Illinois UniversityNorthern Illinois University, 2003-12)
    Diversity management is a very important issue in today's workplace. The purpose of this paper is to make individuals aware of the potential benefits that successful diversity management can bring to the workplace. This ...
  • Humpal, Jacqueline K. (Northern Illinois UniversityNorthern Illinois University, 2001-05)
    Community involvement has become an important part of the social responsibility initiatives of many corporations. Many researchers have studied corporate social responsibility, as well as individual volunteerism; however, ...
  • Zabor, Brie (Northern Illinois UniversityNorthern Illinois University, 2002-05)
    My project was to conduct a feasibility study to examine whether or not my idea for a new business was possible. My idea was to open a discount, designer clothing store in DeKalb, Illinois. I began my study by defining and ...

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