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  • Undocumented Students During the Times of COVID-19 

    Heinz, Sarah N., 2000-- (Northern Illinois University, 2021-01-04)
    Through the pandemic setting that society has endured during the last 9 months of 2020, the community of undocumented immigrants in the United States has dealt with some of the harshest, most excruciating effects of any ...
  • A Sobering Ride Home: Obremski v. Henderson 

    Calvert, Frank M. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1987-05)
    A growing number of jurisdictions have adopted the view that intoxicated drivers may not only be subject to criminal prosecution by the state for their reckless conduct, but may also be held liable in a civil action for ...
  • Server vs. Driver Liability: A Suggested Change to Reduce Drinking and Driving 

    Pearson, Grant (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1987-05)
    This article explores the two major approaches to liquor server liability currently being used in the various jurisdictions across the country. The article assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the alternative approaches ...
  • Strict Liability and State-of-the-Art Evidence in Illinois 

    Christensen, James (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1987-05)
    This comment discusses Illinois' treatment of state-of-the-art evidence as a defense to a strict liability claim. The article argues that Illinois should disallow the defense in the area of unknowable risk for the same ...
  • "Crossing-Over:" The Issue-Preclusive Effects of a Civil/Criminal Adjudication Upon a Proceeding of the Opposite Character 

    Brenner, Susan W. (Northern Illinois University Law Review, 1987-05)
    This article explores the area of "cross-over" collateral estoppel in civil/criminal actions. The article examines the legal history of the concept that a validly-entered judgment has issue-preclusive effects in a subsequent ...

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