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Huskie Commons is Northern Illinois University's digital repository, a secure virtual space in which we collect, preserve, and provide access to the scholarly and artistic works created by the NIU community. From peer-reviewed articles authored by faculty to honors capstone projects created by students to electronic theses and dissertations, Huskie Commons showcases the intellectual output of NIU's faculty, staff, students, and organizations.

When you deposit your materials into Huskie Commons, you receive an enduring link to your materials and the Library assumes the responsibility of preserving them into the future.

To learn more about depositing your scholarly and artistic materials into Huskie Commons, the types of materials that are eligible for inclusion, and other information please see the Huskie Commons Guide

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  • Leal-Bautista, Rosa Ma.; Lenczewski, Melissa; Morgan, Cheyenne; Gahala, Amy; McLain, Jean E. (Journal of Environmental Protection, 2013-11)
    The Yucatan Peninsula’s groundwater is experiencing increases in degradation due to swelling population and tourism; yet little is known about sources and transport of contaminants in drinking water supplies. The karst ...
  • Cardwell, Matthew; Ye, Zhuan (SCIRP, 2013-10-01)
    We prove some value-distribution results for a class of L-functions with rational moving targets. The class contains Selberg class, as well as the Riemann-zeta function.
  • Rothschild, Bruce M.; Bryant, Bill; Hubbard, Christopher; Tuxhorn, Kent; Penn Kilgore, Ginny; Martin, Larry; Naples, Virginia (PLOS One, 2013-09-04)
    Scratches on bones have routinely been attributed to tooth marks (a predominantly untested speculation), ignoring the effects of claws, perhaps because of the general assumption that claws are too soft to damage bone. ...
  • Davidson, Allyson Fry; Benson, James D.; Higgins, Adam Z. (BioMed Central, 2014-03-20)
    Background Simple and effective cryopreservation of human oocytes would have an enormous impact on the financial and ethical constraints of human assisted reproduction. Recently, studies have demonstrated the potential ...
  • King, B.H.; Cooper, J.L.; Burgess IV, E.R. (Oxford Unifersity Press, 2013-04-09)
    Once a Urolepis rufipes male mounted, the female beat her antennae against his mouth and clypeus. Immediately after he swept his antennae rapidly downward and extruded his mouthparts, her abdomen rose as she opened her ...

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